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Happy True God's Day 2012

Luciano Fenoli
January 28, 2012

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han, and Hyung Jin Moon January 10, 2012

Dearest Community of the Cheon Il Guk,

Happy True God's Day, True Day of the Victory of day, True Kingship Day of God, True Parents and Jesus True Parents Birthday 93/70 according to the Heavenly Lunar Calendar and Happy True Original Wedding of God(as a new 1960).

We are living on the Era of many new "Terminology of Heaven declared by the Messiah as New Vocabulary of Heaven and Earth for the future Generation to come after the establishment of the Original Garden of Eden declared by the living Christ-LSA at to be started in 7 generation x 30 = 210 years if there will not be any fall on the 3rd Generation centered on the Grandchildren living with True Parents Day and Night at the Royal Palace Residence and Museum of Mankind.

With this introduction I would like to just share my heart / Shim Jung as an elder whom have been living 21 years with True Parents between 1974 and 2001 and living under the direct True Leadership of Them. The Era in which we live is call of "Attendance with Absolute Faith, Love and Obedience" and what is the real meaning?

Until the "Living Original Image of God in Substance" is walking and speaking on the Planet Earth as representative of the all Universe and all the living Beings in Heaven and on Earth we should dally connect with HIS / THIERS Lives, read all THEIRS HDK in the Original Mother Language Korean by the dally report in the "Intpeace TV" or translated by Rev Kabayashi in Canada whom took the responsibility to translate the main substance of the speech every morning at 5 am.

Also regarding the Sunday Service, the Messiah-LSA-True Parents directed to read-study the 8 Official Book of the "Convenience with God or as In Jin Nim tradition in USA there is no Pastor giving Sermons anymore but only a "Unified System in 50 States were all Churches are by satellite listening to the same Sermon given by a True Child of the Messiah in Leadership Position....and so is for Korea the Fatherland were on Sunday all Churches Moksanim show the video of our International President HJN and just at the end give the direction of the activities of the week to fulfilled the Yearly Goal given by True Parents at Midnight Speech.

My only purpose to write this is just to remember to all of us included me that we are living on the Era of absolute Attendance and Obedience and we have only 12 months to qualified to entered in the Cheon Il Guk Nation as victorious Tribal Messiah which is the most important position to be fulfilled by becoming the True Jesus, and the 2nd Messiah or Second Rev. Moon or not a Moony but a Sunny as the True Love Title which has to be given absolutely by the 12+12 BCFamilies Disciples won in ours Home Towns of Husband and Wife.

2nd Direction by True Parents is the Liberation and Blessing of 210 + 210=420.

3rd give out to our relatives of Husband and Wife 430+430 =860 True Father-Biographies I wish you BCF and my to fell that as the Messiah stated 1 day now is like 1000 days.

Best regard and Blessing to all in your or your Partner Home Towns.

Yours from Marikina City Home Town of Agnes (I Blessed all my relatives already in my Home Town in Italy),Tribal Messiah's, Luciano and Agnes Fenoli-Barredo today in Premiere at the CCP-National Theater of Manila. 

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