The Words of the Fenoli Family

Introducing True Parents' inspirational given to Luciano and Agnes Fenoli

Luciano Fenoli
September 13, 2011
Founder of the
Peace Artists' Association For The Cheon Il Guk Music

Dearest supporters of the Cheon IL Guk Music.

True Parents 20 years ago in USA inspired for this Project and it was created a symbol for the Unity of all Artist and Sport Athletes in the World to bring united True Peace on earth by witnessing for the Creativity of God Original Ideal of Creation.

After 1960 True Father founded the Korean Culture Foundation with the Little Angels and the Korean Folk Ballet with the construction of the Little Angels School of Art and the Little Angels Theater (the small Scala di Milano I call myself) and then after that in 1973 with the IOWC-GLOBAL TEAM He founded the New Hope Singers in USA composed of 25 different nation representatives of all races and the "Heavenly Children Band" lead by Maestro Francesco Santelli with the mission to introduced True father Speeches on the USA 8 Cities Tour, Japan 7 Cities Tour and the 9 Cities Tour in Korea ended with the Yoido Rally with 1 million 800.000 attendance.

These 3 Cultural groups did followed all HIS world Tour Speeches till 1976.

In Europe-Vienna Austria He founded the Vienna Choir and later in USA and Japan the Orchestras New York City Symphony and Tokyo City Symphony with the International Culture Foundation After a long road here we are, today!

On September 18 the Universal Artists' Association for World Peace will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the professional Opera Singer, Mezzo Soprano Agnes Fenoli. We will start today to promote the last recording 3 CD for a price of only 20$+5$ airmail/20 euro for Europe and 2000 yes+ airmail.

CD1 - 20 Holy Songs a Tribute to the Royal Family of Cheon Il Guk. 10 Holy Songs sung by Mezzo Soprano Agnes Fenoli accompany by the Universal Peace Symphonic Band.

10 Holy Songs play by the Symphonic Band as Karaoke music background for you, your BCF at home and for the Churches Congregation all over the world. CD2 - Italia in Musica. The best Italian songs play by the Universal Peace Symphonic Band.

CD3 - Akoy's Pilipino Concert for Peace in Busan-Ulsan.

Please listen the first Cd in our website we send you and see the photo of all the different Concert of our Artist for Peace and the photos history of the recording of Agnes and our Universal Peace Symphonic Band. Please order by: e-mail, skyps or by face book.

Open the attachment above and if you entered on the website you can listen the second cd song "Climb every Mountain" sung at the Royal Palace of Heaven and Earth for True Parents and the Royal Family of Cheon IL Guk in Sorak Cheongshil Village.

Kansahamnida for your support for our Cheon IL Guk Artist for Peace, BCF Luciano and Agnes Fenoli contributing to build the permanent Choir and Orchestra for the Royal True Family of Cheon IL Guk by January 13 2013.

On behalf of all the Artist for Peace,

Cheon IL Guk UAAWP Manager Luciano Fenoli. 

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