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Consideration and inspirations and answer to Korea's got talent

Luciano Fenoli
June 17, 2011

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han, April 2011

Dearest Community, dearest BCF parents, 2 Generation from 5 up.

We have something to think about today regarding the world talents competitions.

I would like to comment on your Korean got talent consideration as spectator. Agnes and I as a Founders of the Universal Artists' Association for World Peace and teachers for the 2nd and 3rd Gen. we want to combined the all picture with the USA American idol and Philippines got talent. Is very funny Agnes as a professional opera singer in CCP Manila could not attended… but she commented by both watching till the final winner. With millions of 2nd Gen, and millions of Unificationist, artist sportsman, none of the

Messiah followers could even think about to be part or at list get an audition...can this be true and real that we are not thinking to glorified God and True Parents by witnessing by participating at list.....

I remember Julia H. J. N. Moon when she told me that she work with professional dancers whom follow only the money and sexual abused of the Principles. Julia, commented: "I send the letter all over the world Churches and ask to the parents to send their Blessed Children to me for free to be train as a present for True Parents... but I did not see more than 3 and they couldn't make it.

Art culture, dance, music, sport are the Original Image of God Divine Principle Chapter 1.... all the rest will passed away.

She was cry.... and it was just 6 months ago... I also cry... and felt ashamed.

I was just try to see the reason... by challenging myself to understand which and were and how this failure could have happen....

My son is 20 and is a semiprofessional soccer player in Vienna Austria.... next year was called by the True parent ILWHA SOCCER TEAM in Korea.

I was before the Church a semiprof. soccer player at 19... so I started to train my son Stefano Fenoli at the age of 2 when I was given the Mission by Elder Won Pil Kim as National Leader of the Principality of Liechtenstain.

At 5 Stefano Hyo Do (Korean name given by Won Pil Kim) started to play on the U6 than U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 of the Austrian national League and then at 17 as the best Vienna Middelfield soccer player was now given a permanent League position even for the possible Austria National Team for next World Championship of U21.

Even our Team in Brazil ask for him as their team members. So he will end his study the 25th of July 2011 and then next year we maybe will see him play on the national Championship in Korea in the ILWHA Soccer Team. My conclusion after this consideration for all you parents is: "invest your kids in Art, Dance, Musical, learn an instruments as the BCH of Ye Jin Nim and help them to become the best, the Bronze, Silver and Gold medals in the Olympics, why not? Do not stop your vision and test the talents of your Blessed Children....they are all Champions but we do not believe in them. One more miracle to testified for our own benefit. My spiritual father Pier Angelo Beltrami, the graphic designer of True Parents whom created the Logos of FFWP-CARP-WHASH,TIME-UPF(THE NEW IN LAS VEGAS IN WHITE AND GOLDEN COLOR OF THE CHEON IL GUK VERSION FOR THE 5 ODP WORKSHOP FOR BBW AND NM 2 WEEKS AGO, he lost is right leg in an accident in my home Town in Italy ( and in 1987 i was with him in New York City and since for his muscle he was dally training with bicycle for 10,20 kilometers, I saw him winning me dally as i had 2 legs. I ask him: Pier why you do not go to the Paralympic Committee and ask for a cycling test for the 1988 Seoul Korea Cycling Summer Games?

The week after my advise he went, he won and he was given the position of permanent athlete of the USA Nation Paralympic Team for Korea 88.

I become his alternative trainer on the 56 kilometers on the road. So to make the story short, Pier Beltrami won Bronze Medal in the Paralympics of Seoul 88 Silver in Barcelona 1992 and Gold Medal in Atlanta 1996 How about that? Do you want to know how old Pier was? You cannot believe it.

In Korea was 36 y. old, in Barcelona was 40 and in Atlanta was 44....can you believe that was possible to win the second winner and the 3rd winner whom were 24 and 26 years old?

Pier wrote his testimony and stated.... just because I wanted to glorified God and win for True Parents I could make such a miracle and offered the Medals in East Garden directly to True Parents, whom give it to me back and told me:" thank you Pier, you won for Me, but they are yours sweet, blood and tears."

Thanks for reading and hope that soon some of us followed the same path.

God bless you all.

Yours Missionary and Ambassador for Peace

Luciano Fenoli

from Agnes Home Town in Marikina City- Metro manila.
Eok Mansei, Kansahamnida, Aju. 

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