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Luciano Fenoli
March 8, 2010

Greetings from Seoul. Regarding this 40 day workshop I need to clarify the true situation.

Dr. Yong will give the full report of what happen, and True Father inspiration and directions.

I arrived first in Chung Pyung. Training Center for the Opening Ceremony of this historical 40 days...

Nobody was there.

Rev. Kim told me that True Father change the venue and the conditions of this workshop. The venue was change to Guri-Ilwha Training Center and the ages of the participants should be 48 down representing the 7 Providential Nations. The 3 days before the starting of this 40 days True Father spoke day and night to the Korean Leaders at the New Temple World HQ of the Tongil Kyohe, Cheon Bok Gung.(Translated on the deep meaning of the Original Mother Tongue, Korean, Heavenly Palace of God's Blessing, Happiness and Heavenly Fortune.) The 27 Feb. True Father got the report that the number of 1200 representatives will not be able to be there for the reason of short notice as the usual True Father tradition and condition.

I'm 58 so I was out, still I did 3 day evils spirit liberation.

During the first day, True Father change again the conditions for the candidates, but not the venue.

48 years and down from all over the world included associated members very actives and all candidate must have the doctorate degree... or UTS, Sun Moon Divinity Seminary or Theology degree in Chung Pyung True Parents Seminary.

The 28th True Father open the 40 days with Hoon Dok Hae speech and left... he returned to the Royal Palace Residence of Gods, True Parent and the Royal Family and continue to lead the dally Kingship activities and give directions and God's guidance every morning from 5 am to normally 9-10 to all different Churches Communities schedule to visit monthly the Royal True Family at the Palace.

The teachers of the Original Divine Principle responsibility and testimonies was given to the Elders Leaders.

I did attended 2 Hoon Dok Hae last week with the Sorak Kyohe Moksanim.

Yesterday True Parents left again for Las Vegas, for the salvation of the modern Sodom and Gomorra.

So as far I have seen True Father change his original plan to teach personally all 40 days because of lack of respond of the original chosen people of the 7th nations of the Cheon Il Guk.

This is so far the report of the true situation with the 40 days.

Furthermore, True Father was planning according to Dae Mo Nim to keep the chosen representatives 6 months.... but on the announcement it was written that the 40 days may be prolonged.

Also we ask Dae Mo Nim why the Venue was changed from the IT Center to Guri... she answered, quote: "6 months are very long and they will come here during may special Ceremony Liberation and stay here longer for Liberation and Blessing of their ancestors!"

Greetings for now from Sorak and much more report to come!

I do not want to forget to add the last True Father direction for all the Congregation of Cheon Bok Gung, during this week all members are welcome to visit all neighborhood by trinity international and introduced ourselves with a present of rice cake! Aju, Aju, Aju.... which mean Oh Lord.

Kuya Luciano Fenoli 

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