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Cain Home Church And Abel Tribal Messiah Community Outreach - The Way Of Victorious Tribal Messiah

Luciano Fenoli
February 4, 2010

In 1976 True Father directed all of us as his Cain children members of the World Unification Church to go out for 3 x 40 days and do Home Church as a Cain foundation to be victorious afterword in the Abel Mission of Tribal Messiah... why?

Because True Father could never love his own family and his tribe before winning the Cain Realm... only in 1989 after 50 years, He could meet his own relatives in his home town after risking his life by meeting his enemy Cain of Cain Kim Il Sung.

Kim Il Sung himself restored True Father home birthplace in Cheunju as a present before his arrival in North Korea.

Also Kim Il Sung organize the trip of True Parents by a national military helicopter to visit his relatives and also meet all his relatives at the Government Palace in Pyongyang.

At that time True Father decided before his departure for North Korea to mobilized all the Nations of Western Europe to Eastern Europe for 3 years... I was chosen as National Leader of the Principality of Liechtenstein, together with the National Leader of Switzerland and the National Leader of Belgium to go and served Albania for 3 years.

In 1994 True Father announced the Mission of Tribal Messiah starting with the new appointed Korean National Messiah to the world in 120 Nation. Also the Dispensation of 40 days in Chung Pyung started with Dae Mo Nim Ancestors Liberation.

True Father directed all the National Messiahs after the 40 days to go back to their home town and make a Banquet of the Lord to invite all the relatives and teach them the 3 Great Subjects Principle written by Dr. Lee regarding the Mission of True teacher, True parents and True King.

Conclusion, as you know the Home Church was never a full victory... I did the areas of 360 Home Church in USA -- when I was in Seilo Machine Tools mission with 3 areas, in England in 3 cities, in France in Paris when I was working with the Christian Bernard, in the evening and on the weekend, in Germany (Munich) and Italy in Rome, Milan and Sicily in 1976 when I was pioneering as a Regional Leader. I could win completely in 7 months my Home Church area of 360 families in Burton on Trent in England. My physical sister visit me and my spiritual children witness to her about my activities there.

They show her all the articles in the newspaper of the Service for Peace I did.

She was negative and she was convinced by them that I was in the right Church, like them.

When I went back on my home town as a Tribal Messiah Missionary in Italy I could Bless all my Tribe (160 members) and win their hearts and signatures for the membership with the fee payment.

Since the Church of Milan and Bergamo are150 km from my mountain area... 3 Blessed Central Families trinity from the same area worked together to make the service and Divine Principle education in the local area.

Today, maybe 500 members could win 360 Cain Family and teach them Divine Principle, visit and served them every day till they could win the 8 levels of restoration by following True Father Course.

The victorious foundation of Home Church by winning 360 families was equal to win the Cains Spiritual Children representing our relatives and with them witness to our Home Town Abel spiritual children and also for the support of our Abel physical children and our wife.

So far True Father give us the most precious mission of Tribal Messiah... but with no Home Church victory we cannot win our relatives. The mission of Tribal Messiah ended officially in 2006 unsuccessfully... 80% of the Blessed Central Families couldn't bring the Crown of Glory to the King of Kings at the Royal Palace.

Therefore True Parents give us the amnesty till 2012 to become victorious Home Church and Tribal Messiah Blessed Central Families, in order to qualified to enter as a citizen in the Land of Honey and Milk -- Cheon Il Guk.

By witnessing to the Cain area of 360 families of the neighborhood town of our home town we can win 3-12-36-72 and 124 Cain Families... which will witness with us to our relatives to accept the Divine Principle, True Parents the Blessing and also make the Coronation Ceremony.

This is in short the history, the meaning and the directions to know before starting the Home Church and Home Town Mission.

Furthermore, now we are also Blessed Central Families and we did liberated our ancestors, which was not my situation in 1976... was not even matched... so now we do have a lot more support from our direct relatives in the Spirit World.

Next time I will start my testimony of the activities I did from 1976 to 2006...

Remember that True Father clarified also that the home town of the husband is Abel and Cain the one of the wife and that all the Family name in the world equal to ours belonged to our long distance relatives... even they live in USA or other continent.

We can know them by make a search on the Mormon Library of the Name of the World.

So today the range is more large and expanded.

Bless you all pioneers, we do have 3 year's time!

Remember that True Parents couldn't go back to their home town in North Korea after 1989 because, quote -- True Father words -- "until all the BC Families in the world win their tribes and bring back the Crown of Glory to the Royal Palace I cannot go back to my home town as the King of Kings Tribal Messiah.

In true love yours Luciano Fenoli from Seoul Korea the Land of Cheon Il Guk. 

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