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CAUSA Ministerial Alliance

David R. Felton
March 8, 2011

The CAUSA Ministerial Alliance (CMA) was established as a project of CAUSA USA in October 1984 in response to requests from many clergymen who had attended previous CAUSA USA conferences. They felt a need for CAUSA to help clergy and laity alike to organize educational programs addressing the threat that communism poses today.

This is precisely what Father, as the founder of CAUSA, is hoping for. He envisions a national and worldwide movement of God-accepting people organized to educate citizens about the evil of communism and to share an alternative, God-centered philosophy -- the CAUSA worldview. In his view, the best people to approach are ministers, who should be the most concerned about the threat atheistic communism poses to religion and all freedoms.

The ultimate goal is the formation of a broad coalition of religious leaders and others dedicated to the victory over communism. The first step is the march on Moscow. Many ministers have become excited about the idea already.

CMA was initially designed to arm ministers with the ideological tools they need to educate their congregations and show how leftists are working in the churches, schools, and all levels of society. CMA shows what such infiltration will mean to future generations unless something is done to reaffirm the existence of God, absolute values, and the God-centered family.

A leadership training seminar was held October 15-20, 1984, to acquaint over 300 Unification and other church leaders with the CAUSA educational curriculum. All had been involved during the past year in establishing the National Coalition for Religious Freedom. After four days of lectures, discussion groups, and some practice lecturing, graduates were given a projector, slides of all the CAUSA presentations, lecturing texts, and CAUSA Seminar videotapes.

The graduates were given the goal of setting up CMA chapters in each of the 50 states by the end of the year. Before the year was out, nearly 300 CAUSA Ministerial Alliance programs had been held.

The state CMA chapters have used a variety of programs successfully. They held both one-day and two-day seminars. They sponsored programs covering the content of the one-day seminar in two luncheon and dinner programs which featured various speakers. They held seminars for churches and evening symposiums on college campuses.

Some of the lecture topics chosen were: communist expansionism and the West; confusion in the western value system; critique of Marxist ideology (dialectical materialism and economic theories); revolution and religious liberty; the CAUSA worldview overview; and the CAUSA worldview on man.

It was the experience of both CAUSA USA and CAUSA International in the past that there were some initial fears on the part of seminar participants that CAUSA would be used as a "recruiting front" for the Unification Church. However, such fears have been dissolved among the vast majority of participants.

Participants were encouraged to keep their own religious convictions if they found anything in the CAUSA worldview they could not agree with. "CAUSA is not seeking conversion to any given church or denomination," Dr. Bo Hi Pak told them.  

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