The Words of the Espindola Family

I asked True Parents how to help people to restore themselves more quickly

Arcanjo Espindola
June 29, 2011

Excerpts from the testimony of the Brazilian brother Arcanjo Espindola who is the first to fulfill Tribal Messiahship. He sold 4000 Divine Principle books. There are profound lessons to learn from him. He gave this testimony at Sunday Service in headquarters Church in Korea. He was invited by True Parents. Please read some important excerpts of that breath taking testimony:

"I asked True Parents how to help people to restore themselves more quickly. And True Father appeared in a dream and told me to do 72 minutes of reading of Divine Principle (every day).

(I did that and) I could change people. People became better and could solve their problems.

When Father changed Hoon Dok Hae time, I started to do 90 minutes (of Divine Principle reading).

I had financial difficulties and started to SELL Divine Principle books. When I would just GIVE the book to people they did not read it and did not take it serious. But when I started to SELL, people started to read and started to change their lives, because they had made an internal condition to restore themselves (by buying the book).

I started selling the book at $20, and now I am selling it for $35. I do a condition of Hoon Dok Hae with them first, and then I sell the book to them. I read Divine Principle (Divine Principle) in a loud voice.... Everybody reads, and I explain what they do not understand. And as they start to understand Divine Principle they become members of the movement....

I found the power of Divine Principle, and through it you can change your life....

I found that the human body is a temple which can only be inhabited by God. And if you do the condition of 90 minutes (Divine Principle reading) and if you have faith in True Parents, Satan cannot touch you.

I give people a condition (of Divine Principle reading) to do for one year, 2 years, 5 years, up to 15 years of reading Divine Principle. And people start the condition. Old people get younger, people become healthier, have more prosperity in their life.

I start Hoon Dok Hae at 5 am, and continue for 90 minutes, and everybody who is arriving does the condition... People do 90 minutes every day, sometimes 3 hours. People who have got more serious problems do 9 hours reading of Divine Principle as a special condition to recover from their problems...

Only when you do 90 minutes of Hoon Dok Hae can you change your life, because you will understand the failures of humanity...

Out of the people who did the 90 minutes with faith, 3 people were cured from cancer, 3 children were recovered, one from stomach sickness, one from brain sickness. A blind person started to see, handicapped people started to walk, many cases of people being cured...

I worked with people with drug addiction, cocaine, addicted to alcohol....

When people really want to leave the drugs, in 30 days they can come out of the drugs, maybe in one year. It depends on how responsibly the person behaves."

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It is about one hour. That hour is surely not wasted. 

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