The Words of the Domine Family

Healing from Heaven

Prevost Odile Domine
March 2, 2011

Thank you, Heavenly Father and True Parents for the grace and blessings that I received.

I was able to attend this 'Special Great Works to commemorate the 16th Anniversary of Chung Pyung Works' (Special Great Works) and receive much grace and blessings. There are two reasons for me to come and attend this Special Great Works.

First, I wanted to offer Jeon Seong (sincere devotion) before True Father's Autobiography comes to France. In order to have a great success in witnessing and spreading True Father's words I had to come to Chung Pyung to offer sincere devotion.

The second reason was due to Dae Mo Nim's powerful words which were spoken during the '2010 Autumn Chung Pyung Special Great Works' (October 23, 2010). Dae Mo Nim said, 'I told True Father, I will do my best'. When I read this word, 'best', I thought, yes, I also want to do my best. And this best is to give out True Father's autobiography. It was like a resonation to me. Then Father said, "That is right. Tell them, that I want them to do their best. Tell them that I want them to do their best toward 2013." This is really our longing heart for all of us.

Then He said to Dae Mo Nim, "Do your best" with so much emotion that he was unable to pronounce it properly. He was full of emotion when he said, "Tell them to do their best. Tell the Japanese members to fulfill their responsibility". Then Dae Mo Nim said, 'I will do so. I will tell the members that you said to do their best. Do you understand members? You must understand True Parents' heart'. So when I read this it really made me cry and cry and repent and I said to God, I pledge in coming here to Chung Pyung to liberate my husband and my ancestors on Father's side and Mother's side until 203 generation and bless them until 126 generation

I had such a great time during the Special Great Works and I truly received healing from Heavenly Father during the last Chanyang Session (Holy Song Session) on January 23, 2011.

I was born in Vietnam but went to France when I was very little. My father is quarter French, and he worked with the French people during the war. He worked with the government and fought against the communist. My father experienced pain and suffering that is unimaginable and he survived situations where no one could have. He asked himself many times why he was still alive when all his friends died around him. It always bothered him even after his return from the war and it had a great impact on my life as well.

My heart was in anguish because of the war. I didn't have a direct interaction with the war because we were refugees, and I left Vietnam when I was 3 years old in a rush, so that meant that we didn't have any clothes and anything. The war was very well inside my parents even after it so I was influenced by it. Because of this, I have difficulty in believing in other people.

On the last Chanyang Session, when Dae Mo Nim came to the floor, I was sitting with my children and my son was behind me. My son had told me to remove spirits from myself with a heart of love. When I saw Dae Mo Nim I felt that I became really, really spiritually open. During the last 3 minutes when we remove spirits from all over our body, I felt a sensation that ran through my body, and a strong voice said, "Continue on your head". So I did through the whole 3 minutes on my head and this voice continued, "Do you remember I told you that this Chanyang concentrates on the head? You always had problems with your head and mental because you feel tired and from the war." At that very moment after hearing this voice and removing spirits from my head I felt such a soothing feeling that shook my body and I said, 'Oh Father!', and all the anguish and pain disappeared and went away. I cried and cried, Father! Father! You are like this!

In the past I liberated my Father and Mother on separate occasions but never had a chance to bless them. So during this time I was able to bless my parents and that was also a joyful moment.

We are so happy and so grateful to God and our True Parents and through the sincere devotion of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim, my parents and I can be wholesome.

Thank you again, God, True Parents, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim for this amazing Special Great Works.

Prevost Odile Domine, France, Brittany Region, 2075 Blessed Couple 

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