The Words of the Devkota Family

Honoring a Legacy of Peace in Grenada

Deepak Devkota
November 2, 2010

St. George's, Grenada -- A Memorial Festival for Ascension and Unity was held at the Grenada Peace Embassy on November 2.

We were very pleased to offer our respect and honor to Maurice Bishop, Prime Minister, 1979-83; Norris Bain, Minister of Housing; and Fitzroy Bain, President of the Agricultural and General Workers Union.

They were among the seven government and public officials who were killed in the October 19, 1983 revolution.

Present at the ceremony were Mrs. Gertrude Isaac, Mr. Raphiel Bishop, Mrs. Annie Bain, and other distinguished guests. This was part of the series of Legacy of Peace events sponsored by UPF chapters around the world. 

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