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UPF-Suriname Offers a Presentation on the Family

Ristie Denny
February 1, 2011
Secretary General, UPF-Suriname

Parambiro, Suriname -- UPF-Suriname held a meeting with Ambassadors for Peace on February 1 to launch the Interfaith Harmony Week. The meeting was attended by 33 people.

The chairman of UPF-Suriname gave notice of the program that will be followed in the coming year. UPF-Suriname will work hard to serve the Suriname nation with education and activities in according to UPF goals.

Drs. K. Ramsundersingh addressed the audience with a speech about the family. He explained very clearly why so much is going wrong with families and family members. One very important cause is that parents don't have much time available to educate their children. His explanations were given very diligently.

Also Mr. Ramon de Freitas, a former officer of justice, spoke about the proposal of UPF Founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon to form a religious council at the United Nations. He stated that there is a very big need for the world to make an end to the many conflicts that take place nowadays. Mr. de Freitas highly praised Rev. Moon because of his insight into the needs of this world for interfaith cooperation and good leadership.

The evening began and ended with a song. There were also passages read throughout the night and explanations given of African, Hindu, and the Dalai Lama's religious beliefs.

All visitors were satisfied with what they learned and heard from the speakers.

The evening ended with three cheers. 

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