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Witnessing In Seoul Korea Part II -- Church Life in Seoul for International Members

Isabelle Davati
October 6, 2013

Hak Ja Han - May 5, 2013

The Korean internet news outlet Money Today published an article on twittering's reactions on Sun Myung Moon's first Seunghwa Anniversary. Conclusion was that in the United States, people do not know the name of South Korea's President but they do know the name of Rev. Sun Myung Moon! Was he that famous? Oh yes! "You know them by their fruits" as Bible says. Perhaps the GOOD fruits and GOOD DEEDS of Rev. Moon speaks louder than his name. Sure his legacy lives in our heart forever.

Now his first disciple, his beloved wife Hak Ja Moon, Dr. Han stands TALL as a woman leader, as the first woman leader among major religious leaders in the world. I like to call her the "First Female Messiah"! I can say at least she is a Female Messiah for me and the women around the world. Dr. Han's able-type leadership has brought much healing to our FFWPU movement.

In addition to many positive changes that Dr. Han made to heal the division between church and Tongil Group; given a direction that all the law suits in process must be halted. She also invested time in creating a Constitution of good governance laws, designation of a Flag, an Anthem and a Flower for the new nation of Universal United Nation of Cheon Il Guk.

I send my gratitude to True Mother for her Vision 2020, which has given me an opportunity to get involve in public activates for the next seven years. Because without actualizing True Parents words or God's Words, I can not grow spiritually and restore myself.

On Foundation Day 2013, I was in Seoul at the Guri church center I find small posters with "VISION 2020" written on it everywhere from the hall ways and stairs to the cafeteria and prayer room. So I came to believe the importance of the Vision 2020.

After Foundation Day 2013, I returned back home to Lakeland-Florida with great desire to help with Vision 2020. But I did not find any organized witnessing team activity going on in Florida. So I continued witnessing on local level and on individual level and with my ACLC activities.

On Mother's Day, Sunday May 12, 2013 True Mother came to my dream mad spoke to me in person. Again on July 2, 2013, True Mother came back to me in a dream and she spoke to me in her voice. This time she was very intimate with me. I was so surprised because I always been more in touch with True Father and a little distant from True Mother. Since I grow up with my father and my mother was an absent figure in all of my life.

Anyway, I felt True Mother was calling me to go to Korea. Although I was willing to go but I did not wanted to spend a chunk of Money out of my pocket again for air ticket and food and logging in Korea plus my house expenses in Lakeland which would made my bills double up.

Plus my house needs some serious repairs so I was wondering should I spend the money on repairing my house or buy an air ticket and go to Korea!!

Plus I was in Korea six months ago in February 2013 and before that in September 2012. This would be the third time in this year and half that I have to make GREAT financial sacrifices. Plus the hardship of the long trip and leaving my house empty again and at the mercy of my neighbors to watch over my pets was a burden on me. So I stated to struggle a lot.

Then I asked God; "if this trip is really His will for me?" I wanted God to show me a "sign". Well, I kept making excuses!!!… But I knew deep down in my heart that if I do not obey this "call" then latter I will regret. Though I did not know the reason I am going there?

Although I was struggling but I made up my mind to go, deny my feelings and out of pure obedience I bought the air ticket to test God to his words!!

I left USA and arrived to Korea on August 24, one of our church members picked me up from Inchon International airport. After few days I was able to meet with the leader of witnessing team of Cheong Bok Gung church for lunch.

True Mother has started an English Sunday Service at the Cheong Bok Gung H.Q. church two months ago and the Philippians sisters who were Blessed to Korean men were very active ingredient of this International English Church at Cheong Bok Gung.

There were on going Divine Principle workshops in English Language at Cheong Bok Gung. I was asked to give lectures in English. I was also asked to give a testimony on Sunday Service. Suddenly I find myself too busy helping here and there wherever the need was calling for. So I put together a power point presentation of all of my public activities in USA to report to the Congregation for the next service time. There was an international community of English speaking residing in Seoul. Almost one third is second generation and mostly Blessed Second Gen.

Korean Language Sunday Service was going on during the morning under leadership of Dr. Yang and the English Sunday Service was under leadership of Pastor Sang Pil Moon and his Japanese wife, a second gen, kind heart and amazingly flexible and easy to work with. Praise the lord. I also helped with the choir. There was much need for helping hands and I enjoyed to take part.

In addition I was asked to work with the 30th Anniversary Book of the Universal Ballet and other Book-projects. I had a chance to meet with the international leaders in charge of the Second Edition of Cheong Seong Kyung Book-Translation.

Now I am back in Lakeland, Florida and I brought some of the projects back with me to USA to work on. I hope I can do my task satisfactory to be accepted by heaven. So help me God.

I hope this humble report can give you some inspiration to take ownership over the community you are a part of and together we can help God to work through us to save America and heal the lonely heart of God.

So please get busy witnessing, giving and loving others, loving your community by sharing your treasure (True Father's words and Divine Principle are the buried treasures in your heart that needs to be shared with others). Let us love our community and love our nation by sharing our treasures with them.

May God Bless America.

Thank you for this opportunity to share.

Rev. Sarah Davati
ACLC Polk County, Central Florida 

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