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Introducing True Father and his teaching to Bahia Faith community

Sarah HJ Davati
June 16, 2013

Introducing True Father and his teaching to Bahia Faith community of Lake Alfred, Central Florida

On Sunday June 16, I was invited to give a sermon at the Bahia Faith center in Lake Alfred, central Florida. Mrs. Terrylin Ashchi who is an American born was raised in Mexico and married an Israeli husband with two children is center director.

We started with devotion on universal messages of Bahaullah. Then the floor was given to me to start. I showed a DVD of Universal Peace Federation. Then a short introduction about its founders, True Parents and showed the audience a Big big picture of True Parents!

Then we passed down the copies of True Parents messages of peace from his book " Messages of Peace By Rev. Moon" so everyone can take part in reading. The group of almost 20 people was very curious getting a completely different picture of Rev. Moon other than what has been reflected in the secular media. WOW!

As we were reading True Father's message I could see one man who knew Rev. Moon from secular Media started to become soft- hearted and his heart was melted by the teaching of True Father and even gave a good comments in the end. Yeah!

Then followed one hour discussion about the teaching and question and answer in reference to God's lineage and interracial marriage and innovative ways of peace making offered by Rev. Moon.

When I said that these teaching are based on Divine Principle which is a revelation to Rev. Moon from Heaven. Audience came to the understanding that God did not stop revealing truth but God is revealing truth progressively during the history according to man's capacity to understand His truth and apply it.

The service started at 10 Am and goes on till 1 pm. I offered a Benediction and we shared a bottle of Holy Wine juice for everyone to be connected to True Parents lineage. We took a group picture. It was very friendly and uplifting meeting.

Thank you Heavenly Parents for giving me opportunity to share your heart with people of different faith so that they also may take part in True Parents Holy lineage. Aju

Rev. Sarah HJ Davati
ACLC- Central Florida 

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