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What Is the Purpose of the Arts?

Isabelle Davati
January 17, 2013

I find that the GREAT thing in LIFE is NOT so much where we STAND as in what DIRECTION are we MOVING?
Oliver Wendell Holms

Even when you are on the RIGHT TRACK, if you just sit there, you will be run over. So keep the good work....Do not get weary of doing what is right and what is Good!

The ARTS and ARTISTS have tremendous influences on the leading and changing of the ethics and morality of the culture for good or for evil. The arts by its nature are communicating a universal language that touches the emotion and soul of human beings transcending the boundaries of nationalities, cultures and creeds.

Therefore it is crucial that the artists use their God given talents in accordance to our creator's design by creating the arts and music that aspires the highest ideals of goodness and charity in human society.

The expression of the Divine through the arts and music has been regarded as an act of duty in the past as is seen in the master's art works of Michael Angelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Mozart, and etc. Yet in 21 century the common arts and music has been an instrument of vulgarity, violence and death luring the American culture and its youth into an abyss of moral and spiritual bankruptcy.

With this in mind, I find a way to express the beauty, purity and innocence of creation through my art works with color full figurines in form of angels and fairies, who are the messengers of God's LOVE, PEACE and goodness.

I hope my art can create a glimpse of light to undo the negative effects of popular commercial Dark Arts which has affected the minds of our youth into confusion and cloudy thought patterns.

About the Artist

Isabelle S Davati is a bi-vocational minister, an artist as well as a minister and a peace activist. Her vocation have taken her as a missionary to the countries of South Korea, Japan, Australia, the Bahamas, Latin America and Greece as a missionary.

Davati earned a master 's degree in theology from New York Theological Seminary, studied as well at the unification Theological Seminary, a B.A. degree in Graphic Design, Anatomy and illustration at the New York Art Leagues, as well as. Studied Fashion illustration at the Ecole Superior des Art Appliqué in Paris, France.

In addition Davati has contributed a lifelong volunteer work for Family Federation for World Peace, True Family Values Ministry and Universal Peace Federation, and American Clergy Leadership Conferences. at the present Davati resides in Lakeland, Florida with her two pets!

To order art prints, art-cards and inspirational bookmarks please call me from any sells from this website, ten percent of the proceeds will be contributed to Thank you. 

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