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Report to Hyung Jin Nim: Creative ways for witnessing

Isabelle Davati
October 24, 2012

I am just posting my witnessing activities report that I sent to Hyung Jin Nim. I hope to give you some inspiration. I am using my art works (made into Bookmarks and art cards, carry in basket) to approach people in fundraising style. Then I start witnessing to them and read some True Father sermons to them. I always carry holy candy and FFWP flyer on me to pull out to them. I end up selling my art works and get some money as well as find a sp. child or a contact. Here is the report:

To: Dear Beloved Reverend Hyung Jin Nim Moon
REF: Report for October 2012
From: Rev. Isabelle S Davati ACLC Central Florida, District five

To welcome True Mother to USA, I had contacted Honorable Mayor Gow Fields office to request a WFWP Proclamation to be issued for 20th Anniversary National Assembly of WFWP which takes place in Las Vegas October 25-27. The request was granted and on time the proclamation was made and signed by Honorable mayor of the city of Lakeland, Florida.(Tel: 863-834-6005) In addition Mayor recognized the week of October 25-27 as Women Federation for World Peace Week… in the city of Lakeland, Polk County. Yeah!

In addition I made long distance calls to Christian clergy and non profit organizations in Las Vegas, Nevada to invite leaders and Christian clergy to WFWP 25-27 October. I was mobilized to Las Vegas during 2011 distributing True Father's biography Peace Loving Global Citizens book. Thus I gathered many contacts and earned few spiritual children in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This week I Find these leader- Christian Clergy to attend (in part or in full) 20th Anniversary of WFWP and True Mother's speech in Las Vegas... [Note: Actual names witnessed to is edited out]

Pastors Forum for Christian Clergy in Lakeland, Florida

After I have returned from South Korea (from True Father's Seong Hwa ceremony), I have decided instead of Pastors Forum once a month, I could teach Clergy once a week in their own church office. That way, I can teach One Christian Clergy couple per WEEK!! I often show them one of ACLC DVD, making it clear that True Parents are the founder of ACLC, followed by Divine Principle lecture (I have all the lectures of OSDP on my laptop) and then they receive the CIG Holy Wine and final prayer.

OUT REACH to CHRISTIAN CLERGY, teaching DIVEN PRINCIPLE and Blessing them with CIG Holy Wine

My next ACLC lecture is the Messiah: His advent and the purpose of his second coming, Mission of Jesus, on Sunday October 28 at Word Alive church in Lakeland at 10 Am followed by TAKING down THE CROSS movie made by ACLC.


Taking Divine Principle teaching to the street and ROAD SIDE Blessing with CIG holy wine! I fundraise with my art works in a witnessing style!!!I have earned the permission of few gas station owners in my town to set up my Art to fundraise in their gas station property!! This is a great opportunity for me to WITNESS at the same time. I have many witnessing materials, including True Parents pictures and sermons, UPF magazines, ACLC materials handy on me to share with people who stop by my spot.

Witnessed person receive a personal PRAYER right in the spot!!, a Family Federation for World Peace flyer or an ACLC (American Clergy Leadership) flyer with a Holy Candy or holy cookie or PBJ Sandwiches sprayed with CIG Holy wine!!!

Here is a partial list of witnessing contacts for past two weeks of October

Since there is no Unification Church in Polk County, to send my Witnessing contacts to, I may have to organize a Divine Principle READING CIRCLE once a month for non-Clergy witnessing contacts.

In addition I am a member of Black Preachers Network and Bahm Preachers Ministries, a web- faith based ministry to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I witness to the clergy of this web site by inserting True Father's Teaching and True Father's Messages of Peace. I often get some nice comments from the clergy

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share with YOU my reports to heavenly Parents for the past three weeks in October.

Rev. Davati 

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