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ONE who has NO sin cast the FIRST stone

Isabelle Davati
September 27, 2012

Jesus said: "the one who has no SIN cast the FIRST stone".

"Talk no more so very proudly; Let not arrogance come from your mouth. For the lord is God of knowledge, by Him the actions are weighed. So that God and only God is the judge"
Samuel 2

It was last week that I came back from Korea. It was a great experience for me to see True Father's face and body in his glass casket. Korea, The land of love and the land that has given birth to the Messiah. Touring the Cheon Buk Gung Palace I was amazed of the holiness and beauty of the palace. But most of all the spirit of the living Messiah was felt all over the palace. However after I came back home to USA, I was shocked to hear the reaction of some of the members toward In Jin Nim's Issues and the way Hyung Jin Nim was interrogated by moral inquisition in his visitation to USA. I felt heaven is crying for the way the True children have been treated by self-righteous attitude of some of us. It reminded me of a story in the Bible.

As we read in the Bible, the book of Samuel, David was appointed by God through prophet Samuel to be the king of Israel. Because King Saul (who was also anointed by God through Prophet Samuel) was fallen due to his disobedience to GOD. Yet King Saul was not willing to step down from the Throne!

King Saul set his mind to murder David, with his army of thousands searching for David to slaughter him and his few fellow men. Yet David being a righteous man said: "I will not raise my hand against the anointed of God either raise my tongue against the anointed man of God". David trusted God to protect him.

There happened an opportunity for David to kill Saul while Saul was deep sleep in a cave, But David even spare the life of his enemy, Saul. Because David was a man after GOD's heart and he knew this heavenly principle. However the time came that when King Saul was injured in the Battle he saw one of David's men and asking him to pull out his own sword and kill him. The servant did as King Saul has requested him.

This servant who killed King Saul based on his own request, gathered the signet of the king and the sword of King Saul to bring it to David. He offered them to David to set David up for the Kings' throne.

But instead David ordered his fellow men to kill the servant who has taken the life of King Saul. Why?? Because David KNEW the heavenly PRINCIPLE. He did not want to lay hand on God's anointed one. Even though King Saul was fallen of grace. David knew the heavenly principle not to execute judgment by his own hand but let God to be the judge.

I hope this story will teach us, the unification church Central Blessed family members a lesson of humility and wisdom... Judgment belongs to God and we are not the one who executes judgment on others when they commit sin.

I will never raise my tongue against the children of the anointed man of God called Rev. Sun Myung Moon. I will never voice my opinion against the children of God's anointed man, the Messiah called True Parents, the king of peace. I will never spread gossip and repeat the story about the acts of my masters' children. Why? Because when we judge one member of the family we are judging the whole family.

We should NOT stand in front of Hyung Jin Nim in interrogation of moral inquisition, asking him none sense questions in self-righteous, haughty manner to voice our harsh opinion in front of Hyung Jin Moon making him ashamed of his sister's act.

I remember that we all are sinners and sinners do not need judgment but MERCY. I remember that Jesus said: "the one, who has NO SIN, let him/her cast the first stone." I remember that "LOVE KEEPS NO RECORDS OF Wrongs." I Corinthians 13

We (CBF-USA) have to embody, Mercy, compassion, forgiveness and love that True Father has shown us and return that PURE LOVE back toward the True Children when she needs it the most.

We, the Unification Church members must repent for the hidden sins in our own heart. I am so ashamed of the attitude of some group of CBF USA has such a toxic opinions, pointing finger at others' sin as if they themselves have never sinned before or their children have never had any issues. I am so sorry. Dear Hyung Jin Nim, Please accept my apology.

I keep silent in this period of transition... I will not commit sin with my tongue against the children of the Messiah, the anointed One. I love in silent, I will pray in silent. I wait with silent lips for God to answer me. I listen more and talk less.

I repent more and I love more. I love those who are too far to be reached…

The only way to get healed is to heal others. The only way to be happy is to bless others.

I know this PRINCIPLE by practice. The best way to get HEALED and be TRULY HAPPY is to go out and find someone who is more miserable than yourself and love that person and bring that person, minister and pray for that person and bring him to True Parents lineage. I have done this over hundred times and I had the pleasure of experiencing True Father's PURE Love and God's love this way. So I have no judgment for others 'Sin but my heart is full of MERCY and compassion and HOPE for their return to True Parents bosom.

I love because the seed of love has been planted in my heart by God through teaching of Father Moon. Therefore because I love True Parents thus I return their love by loving their true children and serving them with gratitude.

Listen folks if you want Hyung Jin Nim come back to America; we better create an atmosphere of LOVE, compassion and welcome him with tearful repent full heart full of gratitude. Or he will not be back and we end up with an AMERICA which is full of spiritual darkness.

Let us keep our eyes fixed on preparation for Foundation Day Victory. Do not get distracted by negative proud talks of town. Let us do our best to love and support True Mother and True Children. Let us LOVE and serve others (those who are NOT an extension of our own family) as True Father has loved and served us. Finally, let us, instead of cursing the darkness, let us to become a shining light in the darkness and reflect True Parents Love to others.


Rev. Isabelle S Davati 

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