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National Parents Day was recognized by honorable Mayor Gow Fields in Lakeland Florida

Belle Davati
July 23, 2011

National Parents Day was Proclaimed and Recognized by Mayor Gow Fields at the City Hall in Lakeland, Central Florida

National Parents Day is under Universal Peace Federation as one of its projects, was established on October of 1994 though the petition which was gathered across the nation. The bill for National Parents Day was signed into law by President Bill Clinton through unanimous consent from both congress and senate to set aside the fourth Sunday of July as a National holiday called "Parents Day".

Therefore Since 1994, National Parent's Day has celebrated across the nation. However the intention of our True Parents in establishing this National holiday was to proclaim True Parents Day as a sign to recognize the authority and mastership of our Heavenly True Parents over the earth. However the congress has gone so far just to call it Parents Day, Not True Parents Day!

I had forwarded NPD proclamation to five cities of Lakeland, Winter haven, Bartow, Aurbendal and lake Alfred in Polk county, central Florida to issue a proclamation by their city so that National Parents Day be proclaimed and be recognized by the city official and the mayors of those cities. Among them winter haven informed me that the proclamation must first to be reviewed by city lawyers and attorney before the seal and signature of their honorable mayor be placed on it. So I have to be patient!!!

I have been active in my community, in my city and in my county of Polk-Florida for some times. Therefore I need to stay close to God' heart through a lots of prayer and seeking heaven's guidance and God's Will by making spiritual conditions in every step I make in my public life as well in personal life. And I also read True Children's messages in order to make spiritual bonding with them.

Heung Jin Nim and In Jin Nim, both ABLE type true children are a great source of inspiration and comfort to me. I believe they bring great joy to the heart of their parents as well as to our Heavenly Parents.

A week ago; I came across one of the old messages of Heung Jin Nim dated April 26, 1987 after he was ascended to heavenly kingdom in the spirit world. In this message Heung Jin Nim is elaborating on the name of Chambumonim. He said" the term Chambumonim is very precious and it is a victorious name. We should hold tight to True Parents like a baby who clings to his mother for life. The spiritual umbilical cord between Unificationists and True Parents must be protected at all costs. Above all it is time that we proclaim and vindicate the name of True Parents to the world with pride and confidence".

When I read this message from Heung Jin Nim, I felt maybe I should include the name of True Parents in my three minutes talk at the City Hall when I am receiving National Parents Day proclamation from honorable mayor Gow Fields on Monday July 18! The next day when I got up I was feeling so sick. The day before I did a lots of yard work that agitated an old elbow injury to the degree I was not even able to drive that day. How can I get to the City Hall for NPD by 9 Am if I cannot even drive? So I called one of my home church contacts, Mrs. Tera Glass to come and get me. God put favor in her heart and she agreed to come and get me if I pay for her gas money. So I agreed.

Mayor Gow Fields read the NDP proclamation which included three paragraphs from our True Parents gave me time to speak for few minutes. So I had a chance to proclaim the name of True Parents gracefully as the founders of the UPF in which National Parents Day was a project among many other projects that I named them all. Also talked about Sun Myung Moon and his wife Hak Ja Han Moon, co-founders dedicating their life long pursuit to God- centered peace and God-centered families in the world and their 1000's of projects around the world that secures the welfares of mankind and world peace starting from family level to the national and international and worldwide level in order to advances peace in our world.

I was surprised that the audience, VIPs and the city officials had smile on their face hearing the name of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han Moon over and over in that council meetings!

After I was done, the executive director of Watson Clinic followed me outside the council hall and she asked me to keep in touch with her to invite her for our next public event.

I felt there was enough foundation for me to speak the name of True Parents in the city council, because Mr. Howard Wiggs who is mayor pro-tempt has been attended our NPD events twice in the past and accepted the Holy Wine toast was still working there as the city councilman present there at that meeting.

After the meeting I stepped out to the office of mayors secretary, Christian Chatman who has been working on preparing the proclaims for International Day of Peace and NPD for me for the past few years to say hello to her. I saw one of my paintings (I gave her as a gift few years ago) was framed by her and hanging in her office wall at the city hall!!

Many thank to our beloved True Parents and to our beloved heavenly True Parents on more and many thanks to our beloved Heung Jin Nim and beloved In Jin Nim for their heart of attendance to True Parents and their great wisdom and guidance to us.

Rev. Isabelle S. Davati 

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