The Words of the Davati Family

A Public Event in In Jin Moon's style

Belle Davati
July 11, 2011

In one of her sermons, our senior pastor Rev. in Jin Moon said: "power is the ability to influence others in positive and constructive ways". I often watch In Jin Moon's sermon over and over and take notes to use those notes in my own public speaking events.

I had a chance to meet many VIP people in my city who has established a Nonprofit organization for the sole purpose of helping others. I observed that their organizations been blessed successfully because they have been a channel of God's compassion to bring comfort and assistance to people in times of distress.

And the head of these organizations, who had dedicated themselves passionately to God's causes, exemplify the standard of living for the sake of others. Therefore they deserve to be appointed as AFP and to take partnership allies with True Parents projects in UPF. Therefore WOMEN For PEACE a project of Universal Peace Federation together with Women in Ministry of ACLC has sponsored an event to connect the head of these organizations (VIPs) to True Parents project called Ambassadors for Peace.

Therefore I had designed an event "called the Women of Proverbs 31". Because in the book of Proverbs God illustrates on what is an ideal wife, an ideal daughter and an ideal woman should be. Few women clergy came along side of me to help me from our Women in Ministry chapter of American Clergy Leadership. Lord God is illustrating his ideal of womanhood in the book of the proverbs. In chapter 31 we learn that the woman of the proverbs 31 is a vitreous woman with words of wisdom on her lips and clothed with faithfulness.

A wife of noble character who can find her price is far more than rubies….. She is a business owner who buys a real estate, a field and from her earnings she plants a vineyard and she is sure her business returns profit to her. She sews garments and linen of high quality and supplies the merchants with her goods. She is very successful provider. She is taking care of the needy and minister to the poor.

She gets up early and prays and watches over her households affairs. Her children rise up to call her BLESSED. Saturday July 9, at 11 Am we met at the First Christian church fellowship hall. Pastor Luis Feliciano of the church of the Disciples of Christ offered his spacious fellowship hall to be used for our event. Elder Larry W Newman, from St. Mark Methodist Church, led us into a congregatory song. Rev. King offered an invocation. Dr. Linds Joyce Ray, the president of Jewwett academy "where excellence is tradition ', was the first speaker.

Appointed as AFP. Mrs. Mary Rutherford, Executive director of choice for woman, a pro-life pregnancy help clinic was one of our presenters and appointed as an AFP, Pastor Carol Peterson, senior pastor of True disciples of Jesus Christ Out Reach Ministry church, who had lead a prison Ministry of deliverance and Youth at Risk Ministry and her ministry has helped 1000s to return from a incarcerated lifestyle to a life of self-reliance and dignity. Her ministry has been a great help to our police department in reducing crime in our community.

Re. Peterson spoke and she was appointed as AFP. Pastor Luis Feliciano was appointed as AFP. Other participants were, Debby Pheline the assistant director of Women choice, and Mrs. Aurelia Gonzales a very successful real state owner: At Your Service Reality. John Parker from Orlando and rev. king and wife from Orlando.

We watched the DVD called the AFP and its founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Participants were very amazed by the DVD. AFP Mary Rutherford said; "she was truly moved to watch the AFP DVD where a Jewish Rabbi and an Islamic Imam hugged and kissed and shed tears of reconciliation in Jerusalem." Rev. Isabelle Davati was the last speaker; she spoke of the influence Dr. in Jin Moon leadership had on her. She talked about the Simple Elegance Living, she learned from her mentor Rev. in Jin. A lifestyle of prayer, surrender to God and smile, to be grateful in all things.

Rev. Davati elaborate that women who are in leadership they do not have to become masculine but in their graceful feminine role women can be very powerful in influencing people around them to safeguard PEACE and raise a generation of PEACE, by living for the sake of others. Then she led the audience in repeating the Pure Love Pledge and making commitment to absolute purity on individual, family and community and world level by participating at the holy wine toast ceremony.

Pastor Peterson offered benediction and refreshments served and a group picture. And fellowship followed. It was a wonderful Day that God's presence graced our event and brought many people from diverse background of academia, charity, religion and secular business together as One Family under God.. Aju Thank you Reported and coordinated by Rev. Davati 863 665 4041 Ps: Pastor Luis Feliciano, senior pastor of Disciples de Cristo Dando Vida in Lakeland and professor at the Florida Divinity University, has been sponsoring our ACLC in his church for the past two years. I offer my gratitude to him and praying for his blessed lineage.

Recently His denomination has accepted homosexual agenda to be elevated to leadership of church. Pastor Feliciano had expressed his grief and distress to me in this regard. Please pray for him to be strong and to stand for what is right in God's eyes and for his position to be protected by heaven. Thank you. 

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