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Am I a Channel of God's Love to others?

Belle Davati
March 18, 2011

"What a PRIVILEGE we have been given by God to be ABLE to SPEND our lives To give His LOVE AWAY." Don Blss

There are many examples in history that have lived as an example of the above words. Lord Jesus, Mother Teresa, and Father Moon are few among the great saints who lived their entire life to love and to heal others.

Jesus was called the "wounded healer", because in spite of his difficult childhood, the fact that he did not experienced the love of an earthly father, yet he allow himself to be a perfect object of his Heavenly Father 's love and channel that love to love others and heal them by giving of himself totally. It is so amazing that those who suffer the most in their lives develop much deeper capacity to love others.

My life of faith has been full of hardship and trials and pioneer in spiritually isolated places. Therefore, spiritually I grow fast due the suffering that my life of faith brought me even as a child. Growing up in a Muslim culture that does not recognizes women as the equal partners of men in participating in their country's development and growth. Perhaps the personal experiences of the same injustice while growing up have made me very sensitive to the injustice and oppression of human rights against women in those countries. Perhaps this inequality stems from the fact that Jesus' love has not yet penetrated into the heart of men in that region-to recognize that we all are equally sinners and in need of the Redeemer. In Islamic faith the concept of Messiah as an anointed one (deliverer) who can forgive us from our sins does not exist!

As a teenager, I had a heartistic relationship with God. I used to read the Christian magazines that were stacked in my father's library. That seed had birthed in me a deep love for Christ and a true conversion to Christian faith as soon as I had immigrated to New York City as a college student.

My Bible was a true companion to me even to this day I have a copy of Bible with me at all times, next to my bed and in my car and even when I travel. The Bible and Divine Principles are the lights of my life.

I joined the Unification Church in New York City when I was a student in 1979-1980. I was blessed in 1989 in South Korea and served in Korean mobilization for one and half years before I started my family life in Georgia. But my spouse left after a year and I find my self single and celibate again, though I was a blessed central family. Yet the ideals of blessing and raising a blessed child never left my heart. Since then my heart desire was set on to raise a blessed child or least to adopt a child.

Yet instead of dwelling on my own pain due to the lack of a blessed family or child, I tried to love others and raise them as though they are my spiritual children. I have been surrounded by the Christian community all throughout my life of faith. Though I was Unificationist but I had adopted the Christian community as the object of my love and witnessing outreach. since then i could see so many miracles that only God of heaven can open my eyes to see.

Since 1997, I have been working with Christian clergy. In 2003, 12 of the 144,000 couples were my clergy who had participated at the 144,000 Holy Blessing ceremony by True Parents. Since then I have been actively witnessing and organizing public events for Christian clergy to educate them in Divine Principle and holy wine toast.

Yet, as a blessed member but single and celibate, I often wondered what my contribution is to the kingdom of heaven? I often wondered where my blessed lineage is?

If True Father is the messiah and I am following him wholeheartedly then I should be able to have a blessed lineage too. But HOW?

"When you know the value of the continued spiritual growth the stumbling blocks becomes a stepping stone." This verse has been an inspiration to me because it is so TRUE!

As a Chinese proverbs said: "a precious stone (a gem) -- does not polish without friction, so is a man's character does not become perfect without trials". Isn't it true that without trials and suffering we cannot perfect our character and deepen our relationship with God.

Well now my desire is to raise or adopt a child. So I am wondering if there is some one out there to offer a child to me that I can rise as my own. Or maybe you know of someone who is willing to offer a Child to me so I can have a blessed lineage as well.

I know I can dedicate myself absolutely in raising that child in the best environment with best education and a heart full of unconditional love, care and affection for that child.

Thank you for reading this letter and praying a long side me for the fulfillment of this wish for me.

Be blessed

Rev. Davati  

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