The Words of the Couveleers Family

Fly High To The Sky

Christopher Couveleers
December 8, 2009

Knowing in advance that I was going to be on Kazuya Sans sub team with Yas made me very excited, but nervous at the same time. The night before our first day of sub team I stayed up late talking with my captain Kimisei hyung about people who broke a thousand and their testimonies on how they did it. To put it simply, it came down to how deep they’re love for True Parents was.

So there Yas and I were, the first day of our sub team with Kazuya San. Both of us had set high goals for this sub team, and that being the first day our minds and bodies were filled with excitement and determination. The morning was very cold, about 6 degrees, when Kazuya San was giving his morning service about how to mobilize spirit world.

He said the number one way to mobilize spirit world was the love True Parents; it was interesting because the night before Kimisei hyung and I had a discussion about our love for True Parents and how important it is in our everyday lives.

This was my motivation for the entire day; I prayed more than I usually do during my runs and really dug deep to find how much I really do sincerely love True Parents. My mind kept slipping back to True Fathers autobiography as I was thinking about how much True Parents have sacrificed for us as well as offered so much for our lives. This is something I feel like I could connect to from a previous experience I’ve had with God where I could understand his suffering. When I simply just think about True Parents life I immediately become speechless, all I can do is be forever grateful for all that they have done for the sake of the world.

With all this in mind I went out on my first few runs, I could connect with my love for True Parents on the front line, however I still wasn’t content with my internal effort, I know I could do more.

Telling Kazuya San this in my report it wasn’t just how much I loved True Parents for what they have done, but to also practice True Parents love by sincerely loving the people on the front line the way True parents would love them in any circumstances. This is how you show a deeper love for True Parents, love each person as a son or daughter of God.

Of course taking that advice I prayed about it before my next run and practiced it right away. All I can say is that it worked, that run I had varies experiences where I could tell all my investment in finding ways to be grateful and loving our True Parents was real. That run I almost doubled all my previous runs in external result, and from then on as the suns began to set I fought an even tougher spiritual battle.

After dinner it was just short spot blitzes at late night restaurants and bars which I consistently got persecuted by and thrown out. The thing I also noticed was that my internal state was consistent as well, no matter what may have happened to me. Also I realized teammate Yas was a huge encouraging factor, along with all his prayers for me, him knowing I was aiming for the 1,000 goal.

After having this experience I believe there is no higher motivation than a person’s true love for True Parents. For myself this one day was being prepared even days in advance. Thank you to my captain, commander, and teammate Yas, I was able to concentrate this focus deeply into a full day, reaching my goal to break 1,000 before midnight. Then having one more power blitz in the morning to capitalize not just my accomplishment, but my teams accomplishment as well.

You won’t believe how powerful everyone’s love for True Parents is. It’s just up to us individually to give our portion of responsibility and to really have that desperate desire to show that love as well. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, so use it. 

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