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Adventure Training

Amanda Cornier
September 28, 2009

During the course of my life of faith I have attained a knowledge of who God is and why He created us. I was a student with BTA for a year and the following year I participated in Korean Carp while attending Sun Moon University. Although I had many amazing experiences there, I never actually felt God. My purpose in joining STF was for that opportunity to have that undeniable experience with God. From the beginning, I prayed about this point constantly.

One program that STF offers is the Adventure Training Program, where we spend one week in the wilderness with our team, our guide- Mr. Keith Macmurdie, a backpack, food and a tent. My team was the first to be chosen for Adventure Training this year. After a couple days of hiking through the White Mountains in New Hampshire, we had the opportunity to do a 24-hour solo day. A day spent alone along a river with nothing but our backpack and God.

When I first heard about this 24 hour day butterflies were fluttering in my stomach. I joked with my sisters that after that day I would become a crazy wild woman. But actually it was just the opposite. I have never felt more peaceful in my heart and never so clear in my mind before. I knew that God was there. I always assumed that the moment I would meet God would be a big booming voice striking me like a lightning bolt. But God introduced himself to me so delicately. This peace in my mind and heart was from God and I felt his presence so deeply.

Like In Jin Nim always says, “God works in mysterious ways”, I can truly testify to that now. When we are consistent with our prayers, they will always be answered. They may or may not be as soon as we want them to be or they may be answered in a way we least expect them to be. I also learned that God can introduce himself in many different ways. It was in that small peacefulness of my heart that I felt the company of God. We shouldn’t expect how God will touch us, but instead we need to just let it happen. I offer my deepest gratitude to Heavenly Father and our True Parents and True Family for helping me experience this indisputable experience. 

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