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Talking about Civil War Northern Virginia 1861

William Connery
June 8, 2012

In November, 2011, the History Press published my first book, Civil War Northern Virginia 1861.

I have been living in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington DC, since 1989.

I grew up in Baltimore, about 50 miles up the road, so this is almost home territory for me.

I have been speaking at least twice a month since December to various historical groups around the DC Metro area. When Robin asked for speakers, I submitted my name and was accepted.

My presentation was one of the last ones of the weekend.

After listening to esoteric and world-changing presentations throughout the day, I was glad to present my more homey, down to earth history of what was going on in the United States 150 years ago.

I was in one of the small rooms above the dining area and it was packed.

I did not get a count, but I would say fifteen to twenty participants.

As I speak, I hand around Xeroxes of the images in my book and ask: 'Do you know this person?' 'Are you familiar with this event?'

In this way, I try to keep my audience interested – and awake.

When I was almost finished, one person had to leave and I joked: "He can leave – he already bought a book!"

Then somebody said: "We can't leave until we buy a book?"

On Sunday morning, Nick Kernan and I left early, in order to attend Lovin' Life Ministries in New York City.

I brought some books with me. I met Joshua Cotter there. He introduced me to Sun Jin nim, and I could sign a book for In Jin nim!

All in all, a very fruitful weekend, especially in meeting brothers and sisters I had not seen in years!

William Connery

The History Guy

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