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Spinning a Web of Prayers: An Expression Of Gratitude

Beatrice Clayburn
November 6, 2009

An Expression of Gratitude By Taking Some Responsibility

I have been tuning into Hyung Jin Nim’s ministry, since the very beginning, 2 years ago, actively studying and using the internal guidance he gives us. Since then, I can say, I have become a better person.

A few months ago, I decided to express my gratitude by taking some responsibility in the iUnificationist Cyber Church prayer ministry. I invited 2 of my friends, Marcia Schlichting and Lyra Kim to join me as a prayer team.

About Our First Team

Marcia: Our family has had many challenges in our 13 years in national messiah (of Poland) ministry. And in the last 7 years, Marcia has been our family’s great support, through Marcia’s constant prayers. When there was no one else, she was around for us; she definitely showed me what prayers can do for someone.

Lyra was introduced into my life through a caring elder brother, Bruno Klotz, at a time when I was struggling with the issue of forgiving someone! Each day, she was sending out her internet page KTI, which had a 40 day series on forgiveness. Since that time, I have read her page each day and been moved many times by the compassionate hearts I found there. Being both active in Hyung Jin Nim’s ministry, our hearts are connected even more.

Through Praying For Others We All Win

First, when we pray for others, we experience for ourselves, the compassionate, caring heart of a Living and Loving Parent in Heaven. Second, we have witnessed, many times, how the investment of our hearts through prayer, has moved brothers and sisters into more fulfilled persons; those experience has made us feel, that we Unificationists, are truly one loving family!

Pass it Forward: A Web of “One to One” Prayers

The principle of “pass it forward” is definitely one important principle in our prayer ministry. First we receive God’s blessing of answered prayer and then we become God’s helper towards another person. A sister who had seen improvement with her teenager through our prayer ministry, accepted to pray for another sister who faced the same challenges somewhere else in the world. That gave me great joy and hope. Thus I dream of a “one to one” web community, spun through prayers, as one “passes forward” the blessing he/she has received.

Prayer Quilt

One experience is engraved on my heart, that shows no investment of prayer goes without some kind of result: In the spring of 2009, we were all praying for our Philippine brother Celso Talaba, who was battling Cancer. Many people around the world were praying for him, as well as our Cyber Church prayer team. We all had great hope for his recovery and for a second I was baffled by the news of his death, ”So many prayers and they did not work!!!” Next moment after that disappointing thought, I was overwhelmed with a profound sense of peace. As I reflected, I could see it all in a new light. I saw that, all our hearts and prayers, totally embraced him with love, as he left this world. He entered the next world enveloped in this quilt made of warmth of our hearts, each piece being, one of our prayers; he could have left feeling lonely; instead, he left peaceful, happy and comforted wrapped in our love quilt!

One to one prayer, one day at a time, we are spinning a close tight web of God’s family, in this cyber congregation!

With True Love, Beatrice

More About iUnificationist Cyber Congregation Prayer Team

Our elder sister Marcia is an American, over 60 years “young”, blessed with a German brother, living many years in Germany. Marcia and I go back 28 years, back, when I was a student at UTS. Marcia was manning the post office on campus, and was always so kind and talking to me. After 19 years without communication, in 2002, we spent 21 days together in Dae Mo Nim’s WS for blessed wives in Poland. I saw that the kindness she showed me then had transformed into gratitude, and we started to actively develop our relationship by internet.

Lyra, around 40 years “young”, is a Philippina sisters who offered herself to be matched to Korean associate members in Korea.

And, I was born in France over 50 years ago, joined our church in Oakland, CA, USA, 33 years ago, and was blessed to a black American / Cherokee brother in 1982. Our family took on the call of national messiah mission and moved to Poland 13 years ago. 

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