The Words of the Chou Family

Seminar on Family Values in Taipei

Tan-Hei Chou
May 1, 2011
UPF -- Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan -- A seminar on family values was organized by the Universal Peace Federation and the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) on May 1 in Taipei. The 123 participants included board members of UPF and PWPA, professors, and Ambassadors for Peace. There were Buddhists, Catholics and Unificationists.

The moderator was Prof. Dr. Chou, Tan-Hei, President of PWPA. Dr. Woo, Peter Kun Yu, a distinguished professor of philosophy at Fu-Jen Catholic University, gave a detailed biblical perspective on the problem of original sin and discussed the marriage blessing established by Rev. Sun Myung Moon in which he calls couples to establish an ideal family centering on true love.

Then Dr. Chen Fu compared Confucianist thought with the family's values taught by Rev. Moon and offered some profound insights on the significance of marriage and family.

Mr. Chen, Tuo-Huan explained in more detail Rev. Moon's teachings about family values and the root of sin, concluding that abstinence is the best preparation for marriage and family

Three former ambassadors who are also UPF Board members in Taiwan attended the seminar:

Amb. Raymond Tai, Amb. Li, Tsai-fang and spouse, and Amb. Alex Y.M. Lu. Another special guest was Mr. Henry Hua, President of Triumph publishing Co., Ltd., publisher of Rev. Moon's autobiography, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen. 

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