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Report about the blessing of Sharron Angle and Pat Hickey

Stephen Child
June 13, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to report about the blessing of Sharron Angle and Pat Hickey, who both just won elections in the June 8th Nevada Republican Primary.

Sharron Angle is a "relative-unknown," a 60 year old Southern Baptist former school teacher from Nevada who never won a political race other than a tiny State Assembly seat in Northern Nevada, whose "do-it-yourself" "living room based campaign" in the last couple of weeks before the 5-way June 8 Republican primary in Nevada was propelled "from 5 percent in the polls to a blowout victory" (Las Vegas Review Journal, June 13, 2010) to face Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid this November.

Two days after her victory, Thursday June 10 Sharron Angle appeared on the 700-station Rush Limbaugh radio show in an interview with guest host Mark Belling. Three times Belling persisted in asking Angle how she came out of nowhere, a 5-percent poll rating and characterization as a "wacky" "far-right winger" to winning 40 percent of the primary vote, 14% more than former GOP chairwoman front-runner Sue Lowden. The first time Angle said she "upset Republican favorite Sue Lowden with a strategy of peaking late in the race" (Kolo 8 News Now, updated 11:54 pm June 10, 2010). Unsatisfied, Belling again asked how she could peak in the last week and a half against all odds? Angle said that Nevada is famous for the Stealth aircraft [which flies out of Nevada's Fallon airbase] which comes out of nowhere undetected, as did her candidacy. More determined than ever, Belling again insisted he had to know how she came out of no-where and win that blowout victory? Angle answered the third time, clearly and crisply: "All the credit goes to God. It was a miracle." Mark Belling was speechless for a moment.

Shortly after 9-1-1, while I was Reno City Leader, Japanese missionary Mrs. Kanno and 9 other Japanese missionaries began coming to Reno to systematically visit all churches and ministers, and give the Holy Wine Blessing to those who would receive it. On one occasion, even though the minister of that church was not particularly responsive, one member of the church -- Sharron Angle -- stayed behind church service to meet these special visitors from Japan, whom the minister had introduced in the course of that day's Sunday service. Angle was so moved by them that she invited them to her home. Mrs. Kanno and her translator asked me to come along to help. We showed a WFWP video, which touched Mrs. Angle very deeply, to the point of tears. She willingly and sincerely received the Holy Wine as a special blessing. She appreciated so much the encouragement to be a good and value-centered women leader which the Japanese missionaries gave her that day. Sharron told us that day her nickname in the State Assembly was "right angle" because she often publicly upheld God in an otherwise purely political environment. Sharron Angle has kept her faith in God from that day until this, and God raised her up in a miraculous way, from an obscure State Assemblyperson ridiculed as a "wacko" with little money to a David and Goliath matchup with Senator Harry Reid, whom local member Mike Smith calls "the devil's doorman" with his $25 million campaign war-chest. When Mark Belling asked her what she would do about this, she confidently said that all she needed was a million persons to contribute $25.00 to her campaign. Sharron got "100-thousand dollars donated in the first hour after the interview" (Kolo 8 News Now, updated 11:54 pm June 10, 2010).

In that same primary, another Blessed member, Pat Hickey, won Nevada State Assembly Seat for District 25 with 44% of the vote, gathering more than the next two contenders combined, also in a 5-way race, testifying that he strongly felt God behind him all the way. More than Sharron Angle testifying to God for the full credit for winning her race, Pat won his race within a year of publishing his autobiography, "Tahoe Boy," circulated Statewide, which candidly and bluntly describes his picture matching by True Father and blessing at Madison Square Garden and his more than three decades association with the Unification Church, conveying and illustrating so many of Father's core teachings.

This report is to encourage all members to pray for these two patriots, as well as to give hope and encouragement to all members to keep the faith and keep pursuing both internal and external excellence, knowing that God can raise you up unexpectedly in the twinkling of an eye.

Stephen Child
Reno, Nevada, June 13, 2010 

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