The Words of the Canak Family

Guide Book for the Distribution of Autobiography

Sarah Canak
June 8, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I just created this booklet to help newcomers to the book distribution project in Vegas. I hope you enjoy it!

However, I could not complete it because I did not have all of the information necessary. On the bio pages, you might want to add contact information. For example, you could put in Staff's e-mail and phone number under their bio.

Also, I was unsure of the locations of all of the witnessing activities you have available, so you will have to fill out the table yourself. Please read through it carefully and make any necessary corrections. I wasn't sure if I did all of the instructions correctly, so please correct what you wish. Thank you!

Sarah Canak

Download File: Distribution of As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen GUIDEBOOK

P.S. If You want to help edit this document online, please go here and login with your free google account and request to collaborate 

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