The Words of the Canak Family

Distributing True Father's Autobiography

Mitch Canak
November 19 2010
Reno, Nevada

I was first very grateful for the opportunity to pass out Father's book. Even though my first few years in the church experienced a lot of witnessing, I still don't have a lot to show for it. I felt like God was giving me another opportunity to witness, with such an amazing book. My external situation was quite fortunate, in the sense that my oldest daughter paid for 90% of the books. Because of an inheritance from my mother, she was able to buy most of the books.

I was initially inspired to give out books to the leaders of our community. This first included two mayors, two chiefs of police, and the superintendent of schools. After that, my oldest daughter and myself teamed up, and gave out books to 90% of the principles of schools in our county, as well as the counselors in each school. We also gave books to many military recruiting stations in our area, as well as to county and college libraries. Included in our experience was, passing out books to college students in apartments. I finished up the last batch of books, by distributing them to various law offices in town.

Overall, there were only two or three negative people, as almost everyone was open, or curious. One spiritual dream I had the 2nd week of giving out the books, was looking in a mirror in the dream, and seeing my face transform into True Father's, in probably his 30 years of age. I'm grateful to God, True Parents, and our blessed ancestors, for all supporting our family in this effort.


Mitch Canak 

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