The Words of the Brabazon Family

Judgment: the key to the kingdom

Kevin Brabazon
February 1972

The separation of good and evil is always a painful process. It is a time of confusion and doubt, when all control seems to be with the power that be. Going through judgment, you doubt everything you do; guilty, fearful spirits attack from every side and "If only I could see clearly" is your heartfelt prayer.

Desperation and panic open like a great pit beneath you, and how you resent the calm, penetrating eyes of those around you -- accusing you of everything from just being there to doing everything wrong. You hear people laughing in the next room, and wonder if they are laughing at you resent the creation for demanding your love and attention.

Your heart aches for give and take, and you blame everyone else for turning away from you. But as you struggle through, clinging desperately to the words of Principle and trying to escape from the spirit world, the world begins to crystallize around you again, and a new determination glows from your backbone.

You hate Satan more passionately and more deeply as you move one stage closer to the Kingdom. "Oh Father, where have I been?" you wonder as a new richer joy fills your heart and you love more roundly all the things you thought you would never feel again.

You cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven until every ounce of evil has been torn from your heart and mind, until the rottenness within you has been dragged into daylight and cut out with the fiery sword. God longs to know you -- the real you that stands as far from the rotten world as possible. How can Father know you if you did not know yourself? How can you know yourself until the layers of Satanic ways have been stripped off?

A Father loves his children and wants the best for them, but How can he give all his love to someone he also hates? He will chastise you until you stop and look at what your eyes are avoiding and change it. You must see how utterly Satanic you are -- then you can see the Father's image glowing like a pearl through the darkness.

Live the Principle in your heart and judgment will fall like an avalanche. When you accept it gladly, the Kingdom cannot be far away, and Father will love you in a way that will mend the deepest wound in the twinkling of an eye. 

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