The Words of the Brabazon Family

The Benefits of Truth

Terry Brabazon
February 1972

Satan holds the world as his because the truth has been hidden for so long. His grip becomes stronger the more divided people become, and what causes these divisions? Through not knowing the truth, through it being hidden from us, Satan has dominated this world with lies and falsehood. Truth brings understanding, an understanding of the Heavenly Father that shows men what the purpose of creation is, why man is here. It allows him to see beyond himself, to see the cosmos as God intended.

But when the truth is hidden, when we live in falsehood, we lose sight of spiritual values, of reality, and become wrapped up in ourselves, in our ideas, in our job, our way of life, in our own selfish ideas. We lose sight of what man really is and become a slave to the physical world. We forget God, so we don't care for other people. We become isolated and so a greater prey for Satan who wants us to become even more divided to make his kingdom more secure.

But once the truth is known and appreciated, man can see the futility of a world that is divided, a world where suffering and fighting are taken for granted; once the plan of God is revealed to him, he becomes aware not only of his life, but how the life of the whole world should be under God: he can see beyond the barriers of race, fighting, hate. He can see the greater glory joy, and peace that God has intended for man, but which Satan has kept from man through the lies and guilt he uses on us all.

Satan deceives, holds us by making us feel guilty, wondering what other people think of us, telling us that nobody really understands us, not to be open in case we are hurt. He uses all these false feelings to make us isolated. Truth dispels all this. It shows us how man should be open-hearted, how he can come to see God in his brother. It shows him the elements of God in man, and gives him the opportunity to bring them to the surface, so that he may express God within him, develop God's love for the whole of humanity reveal his true personality, and become free in spirit, realizing his true position in the cosmos and the true position of all things under God. It allows him to break Satan's hold and establish his relationship with God.

We are Satanic, and our ability to tell good from evil, truth from falsehood, is seriously impaired, so the evil within us must be exposed so we can see ourselves as we really are and hide from our evil natures no more. Only in this way we can rid ourselves from evil and build a real foundation of truth inside us. Satan does not like us to do this because it means we are tearing ourselves away from his hold and bringing ourselves step by step back to God, back to the whole truth, not just a tiny part of it.

It's only by knowing truth and being truth that man will become free under God, free to express God's heart, free to love his fellow men with God's heart, and free to build a happy, peaceful, loving world where suffering is no more. Without truth, men individually can never be really free, never really happy because they are separated from God. The journey back to God is a hard one, but the rewards are limitless; and these are the rewards man has been seeking in his innermost heart since he was created. Collectively, man will never be united with his brother until his spirit is free and the kingdom of heaven on earth established. Men have longed for a united world, united people for so long. Many men have died supporting spiritual values and truth, -- to make this country what it is today, a country where we have come to accept too lightly what they have earned so dearly. Now we must go further, and bring the whole truth to everyone. To show people that we have the power in ourselves through understanding God's plan to make this world one world, one family, centered on God. The truth gives us the direction and the sense of purpose to build this world. 

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