The Words of the Boyars Family

Spreading the Peacemaking Spirit in Latvia

Leons Boyars
January 30, 2011
UPF -- Latvia

Riga, Latvia -- "The Peacemaking Spirit in the 21st Century" was the topic of the January 30 meeting of Ambassadors for Peace at the UPF Peace Embassy in Riga.

The meeting was opened by the president of UPF-Latvia, Leons Boyars, who talked about the atrocities of the past century, the world wars, and catastrophes. Then he described the UPF peace initiatives aimed at not only eliminating the consequences of conflict and preventing potential conflicts but also calling people to unite into one world family.

Vadim Bolshakov talked about the UPF founders, Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, their life course, and cultural heritage. He introduced the eight books conveying the quintessence of their teaching. The main event of the meeting was the presentation of the autobiography of the UPF founder, translated into Russian, and the book True Family -- the Gateway to Heaven, translated into Latvian, whcih focuses on the importance of strong families as the cornerstone of world peace.

Ambassador for Peace and prominent public figure Viya Brikmane shared with participants about the meaning of the Ambassadors for Peace and her thoughts about ways of expressing unshakable truths and universal values in everyday activities.

At the meeting, Young Ambassador for Peace certificates were handed to activists and volunteers, Andrei Seksta and Aya Britse.

Finally, the achievements of UPF-Latvia during 2010 and plans for 2011 were presented. At the end of the meeting there was a musical performance and a buffet meal. 

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