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An attack on Kook Jin and Ji Yea's Blessing is an attack on the authority of True Parents

Jim Borer
October 1, 2012

Attorney in the USA for Kook Jin Moon

Kook Jin Moon -- June 18, 2011

Kook Jin and Ji Yea were Blessed by True Parents, and they saw that it was good.

An attack on their Blessing is an attack on the authority of True Parents.

It was good enough for Hyun Jin nim for eight years but not now, since he was not chosen spiritual successor. Hyun Jin nim is determined to undermine True Parents' foundations.

Church friends of mine who are in Hyun Jin nim's organizations have mentioned the coming attacks prior to release to the public (via Damian [Anderson] and anti-Church websites). Because of this, I can see that Hyun Jin nim initiates and orchestrates the timing of the attacks on the Church and its leadership.

Hyun Jin nim was the first to attack Mother directly. He and his followers repeatedly declared that Mother was deceiving Father. The theology behind those attacks on Mother was intended to show that God was no longer present in True Parents' couple because of the disunity.

I predict that Hyun Jin nim will soon attack Church headquarters personnel before Hyung Jin nim can sort things out. But his ultimate goal is to bring down Father and Mother to the level of foundation-makers for him.

Hyun Jin nim will calculate the time to make shocking announcements about the shortcomings of Father which he must reveal and repair. (Maybe 40 days, or a similar period before a Pentecostal experience where he will allege that the spirit of Father asks him for help.) Father has done many things which are not readily understood. Following Father has never been for the faint of heart, and it appears this will continue for some time.

Only an extremely prideful person could qualify himself to conduct Father's performance evaluation, as if he were God and wrote the job description.

My name is Jim Borer and I approve this message for re-distribution.

P.S. The Young Jin Moon Charitable Foundation pays nothing to its officers and directors, as the tax filing clearly shows. 

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