The Words of the Bickford Family

Don't Forget Your Heart

R. Kenny Bickford
March 4, 2013

It's nice being loved by our Family Church, brothers and sisters. You guys have so much love! Do you ever stop to realize the reason you were chosen to represent Heavenly Parent's Heart? Out of all the sands, on all the beaches, in all the world, Heavenly Parent hand-picked you and your spouse, two grains of sand, from all those grains of sand, to share that special love with the world. Look at your children! They are truly amazing!

I was on MFT with a Jewish sister named, "ZAHAVA". I can't remember her last name, but I'll never, ever, forget her love and her faith. Many times she and I cried together, offering our tears to Heaven. Many times she tearfully shared her heart with us all on MFT. Our faith was nothing compared to hers. She and thousands of brothers and sister like her, left their homes and loved ones, to follow the Messiah, with Absolute Faith, Absolute Obedience, and Absolute Love.

Many were killed and raped and lost, never to see their families again, all because, "They", refused to make the same mistake twice! Can you imagine the depth of their hearts? Now 40 years after so much, 40 years after wandering, 40 years after trying as hard as we could all try, we offered ourselves as living sacrifices on the alter of mankind. Look how bitter the older members were, when newer members joined, and wasn't asked as much of True Parents.

How Blessed are the ones that died just a little each and every day for the sake of Heaven. Here you all stand, forgetting more than most can remember, teeth falling out, butts getting big and heavy, dun-lap-disease setting in(My stomach dun lapped over my belt syndrome), can't see past the end of our noses, and we carried God's Love all the way!

If I were God, I would hold you all so, so, very dearly in my arms, and I would never, ever, let you go for all eternity! Do you know how very, very, precious, all of your hearts are? Even when we can't get along, even when we fight, we still love each other, we have to, because we all belong to THEM! All the hearts on earth, all belong to Them! How will we bring them all home to our Parent's Heart? 

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