The Words of the Bickford Family


R. Kenny Bickford
September 27, 2012

How many sources of energy do you think have already been discovered? In the early 1960s or even the late 1950s, the government already had the technology to get 100 miles to the gallon. The illuminati have been around since the fall of man. Whom do you think that hierarchy consists of? Hitler did experiments on live human beings. Let's see how long a child can live if we remove all his or her blood. Or, Hey let's just leave a pint and see how long? The powers that control the cosmos are evil. Father said Satan is very smart. If something is discovered to benefit humankind, do you think humankind will ever know about it? Satan owns the media. The illuminati owns the media. The dark angels and the principalities they've created, control us Worldwide, right down to the little rice farmer in the hills of Cambodia.

I was working on the USS Ronald Regan and the USS George Bush, when called away for a special assignment. We gathered our tools together and was taken from Newport News Shipyard, uptown maybe under a mile away. It was a secret facility with no security, no one knew about. My job has always entailed, Heavenly Father guiding me through every situation since Ken Sudo told me to leave Barrytown (UTS), and go get a job. To make a long story shorter so you don't fall asleep, the entire World Scientific Community was there, at this facility where I ended up.

130-140 feet below the surface of the ground, we feathered together, mismatched pieces of equipment, constructed from every major contributing country in the world, CEBAF. It started in Texas, but with no one overseeing the project, it got out of hand and became a black hole, the government threw billions of tax payers' money into that just simply disappeared. It was scrubbed and shut down at the sum of 3 or 4 billion dollars.

The entire scientific community was never appeased and they rented the underground facility, to the best of my understanding, to an individual that turned it into the world's biggest mushroom distributor. That facility was big, but I don't know how big. I was told it was a 10 mile radius of 10 foot diameter pipe, with a series of Domes also a good distance underground. After much chatter, the scientists were given a new facility, less than 100 feet from the road, a very busy thorough fare, like Forest Avenue in Portland. No one knew what it was, and no one asked. This was the new facility, with 3 domes underground, you could fit 3- Maine Malls in.

My job since Barrytown, to fix other individuals, screw-ups, for a better word. All the different pieces of equipment, from all the different countries, specs were wrong. British and Metric measurements became a nightmare. This is the short version, I promise you. There were so many scientists working around the clock, getting minimal sleep to appease their theories. This is the short version of a scientist's explanation in laymen's terms, I met in the lunch line, that couldn't put the cover on the lettuce.

After we assembled the mismatched parts, we built 2-640 ton magnets, that were brought to absolute zero. When they shot an electron beam, the size of a human hair, through a 4 inch pipe, 7/8ths of mile in diameter, at the speed of light, when hitting the opposing 640 ton magnets at absolute zero, the beam was accelerated to a much greater velocity. Upon smashing the atoms of the electron beam into a 4 foot thick lead wall, with a funnel at the bottom, in which the sub atomic particles could be reconstituted back into the electron beam, A new free clean and pure alternative energy was created, with zero radioactive waste. CEBAF (the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility) was a success and for the months that followed, could be observed on the stock market raising every day in cost per shares. This discovery was meant for mankind. Have you or anyone you know ever heard of it? No? That's because it doesn't exist and it never happened. I was given a belt buckle as a reward for a job well done. You know, I have no idea where that belt buckle is. 

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