The Words of the Bickford Family

Is The Pain We Feel The Birthing Of A New Era?

R. Kenny Bickford
September 24, 2012

Everything that has happened and everything that is happening now, from God's viewpoint, is a message to us that love Him, that our prayers were not enough. We were supposed to protect God's Love. Mother always believes it's Her fault and takes full responsibility. This crushes my heart, when we think, that the actions of others, have nothing to do with us. There are many things Father asked of us, that we did not fulfill, doesn't anyone else feel that burden?

Does it sound wrong to say, "This has happened, because I did not love enough. I did not pray enough, I did not invest myself enough, and because my heart was not centered on Heaven, this has happened! This is MY fault." My job? Our job? "To Serve and Protect". No judging, no more hurting God's heart. When it's not going God's way, serve our Lord, protect the holy of holies, Royalty is still Royalty, my job? To serve my Lord, like the Elders did, that never had the blessing of seeing His love come to fruition. Oh my Love, my heart, my breath, my everything.


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