The Words of the Bickford Family

Untangling the Mess

R. Kenny Bickford
September 12, 2012

I was chumming for tuna off the back of the New Hope, yes, Father's boat. As I stuck my hands into the 5 gallon bucket of rotten fish, I didn't know or care for that matter, that I would be doing this for several hours. Heck, I was on the Messiah's fishing boat, I'd have done anything He asked of me, anything! My hands were starting to wrinkle up, the way they do when they're wet to long.

Father yelled to Dikon to turn the boat starboard. When he did, all the fishing lines got all tangled up. Father said my name and it was the sweetest I ever heard my name called in my entire life. "Ken?", Father asked. He wanted me to reel in all the lines. I think Bob, the other brother that was there with me, also helped me bring in all the lines. Father was sitting in the chair on the next level up, when we brought aboard the giant ball of fishing line all tangled up as big as a basketball.

There I was, holding this big ball of tangled mess, not knowing where or how to even start, and the Messiah of all humankind, is watching me, wondering what will I do with it. I'm not afraid to tell you, I was scared to death. In my mind, I kept saying over and over again, I'll just die if He gets mad at me, I'll just die, if He gets mad at me! I was scared to death to even look back at Him, but I did, you know, just a quick look to see if I should jump overboard or not.

Then, ever so gently, I felt this gentle nudge from my left. Father's hands touched my hands, grabbed the ball, I ran for the hills, (got out of the way). I watched in amazement, as my Father untangled that mess, in no time flat! It was incredible! He would grab one line at a time and jerk it and loosening the whole ball till every line was back in the water.

After 40 years of loving our True Parents, I realized, that is how Father started to straighten out, this big ball of mess call the earth from Fallen humankind. One string or lineage at a time, He loosened the big mess and slowly untangled everything. Anything and everything we do, we must start somewhere and little by little, everything will be made whole again, only this time with God's Love as its center.

Thank You True Parents, Thank You. Now is the time for our deepest prayers. Our Mother, Our Father, The entire Royal Family, needs us now more than ever. Please where ever you are, whatever you do, Love, Love, Love, and become what "They" wanted from us, Love, Filial Piety, Sons and Daughters of Heaven and Earth.


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