The Words of the Bickford Family

1. The Reason Why We Must Love Our Enemies (Father's Words)

R. Kenny Bickford
May 29, 2012

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han -- May 4, 2012

What is Satan targeting now? It is targeting God precisely. God must be the existence that keeps the ideal standard forever. God will accept the fact if you ask that. If Satan asks, "God, did you position the Archangel with temporary love or eternal love?" how will God answer the question?

God will answer that he positioned him with eternal love. If He acts with temporary love, God becomes a temporary existence. If He can't hold the standard of eternal love, someday He will loose his authority to enforce it. Therefore, no matter how Satan opposes Him, God only has to build the standard to love him. Satan will say to God, "Even though I fell and have become a bad existence, you and good people can't use the same method. I like to fight but you shouldn't like it; even if you are hit, you must persevere."

God is non-resistant. Why is that so? God has to love under any circumstances until Heaven on Earth, God's fervent desire, is established. No matter how enraged and lost Satan can be, God can't punish him. God has to set a standard that, no matter where Satan is, He loves him, and unless Satan says, "Oh, truly God is God. I can be happy," God can't have a complete victory. It is a problem. Because of this problem, God is tied up by Satan. If God goes such a way to overcome Satan with love, then we, God's children, should go that way, too.

If God treats Satan as his enemy and foe, and has a mind for revenge, God can never take the place of the winner. For that reason, God has proceeded with the strategy of "love your enemy." The conclusion of Jesus' teaching was "love your enemy." (Sun Myung Moon - Apr. 3, 1983)

It is a great deed that God's only son, Jesus, prayed for Satan while his enemy was trying to kill him. If Jesus had resentment against his enemy for being killed, the history would have been reversed. Because he overcame his death with love, Satan had to surrender to him.

It is the way to remain as God's son forever. Satan approves it and gives his signature for it. If you ask Satan, "Satan, am I truly a son of God?," he should answer "Yes, that is correct." You will say, "people living like me expand the relative realm of God, isn't that so?," to Satan and Satan should answer, "yes, since it's the Principle, it should be so." You have to act that way.

In this way, the providence has developed centering on the realm of Christian culture, depending on this criteria. You have to keep going for the movement of love even if you are on the way to sacrifice, in the position of a martyr or in the position to shed your blood. Romans who persecuted Christians severely were overcome by the love of Christians that loved the enemy. Christianity has became a world religion that way. (Sun Myung Moon - Apr. 3, 1983) 

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