The Words of the Bickford Family

Borrowed Hearts from the Library of Love

R. Kenny Bickford
May 7, 2012

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han -- March 28, 2012

Sometimes when we're in Hell, we can't see the forest through the trees. Satan is very good at lies and blinding us from seeing the truth. You said you lost your heart. My precious, and dearest sisters and brothers, you will never lose your heart, It is on lend from God. All Our Hearts Belong To God, like a library. At birth we are given a library card from God. You can borrow God's Heart from His library of LOVE, knowing and remembering, you must return it along with your spirit, upon exiting the physical realm. So for now, you have been borrowing God's Heart. You cannot return a book you've borrowed, back to the library of Love all torn and banged up. Be gentle with the heart you've borrowed from the library of Love. Make sure you feed it, plenty of vitality (Hoon Dok Hae), every day, to make it stronger, so when you return it, it will be placed on a special shelf with other hearts that have turned to SOLID GOLD.

Your heart is troubled now and you know you must be gentle with yourself at this point. Take the time you need to be close to God and let Him Love you, while you love Him back. Hold Him tight and cry and hold Him tight and cry and hold Him tight and cry. God belongs to YOU and YOU belong to God. HOLD HIM TIGHT and CRY. Then pray and He will tell you what to do. Not with words but with intuition, please learn to trust your love In True Parents and Your Heavenly Parents. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! -- With ALL HIS LOVE, welcome to the library of LOVE. Father once said my name and melted my heart, Hold dearly to your memories of love with True Parents. Bless your hearts, Heavenly Sisters and brothers and remember those closest to His Heart will have the most difficulty as a member of, "The Library of Love". your eternal brother, I love you sisters and brothers, special blessings await you to help many to come, hold on dearly, It's one hell of a ride!--Jesus built," The castle of the Cross" when He got to Spirit World. What kind of battles has Jesus fought for our True Parents? You may be "Joan of Arc", or a Knight battling right beside Jesus Himself.

Go forward in Love precious sisters and brothers.


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