The Words of the Bickford Family

Touching God with our lives

R. Kenny Bickford
March 24, 2012

Sun Myung Moon March 9, 2012

Oh my sweet and precious love under heaven, please oh Honored and Holy One, please come and possess our spirits, our minds and hearts. Oh Father of Love, our same Father that witnessed all our sins against each other and against Heaven, please make us whole at this time in Human history, make us one with your love. You alone have waited countless years, waiting for the true sons and daughters to be born into the lineage of love, Your love Father. All our brothers and sisters of different cultures and different religions, worshiping you with love in their hearts, please protect them and their loved ones.

I was moping the floors at a bank after hours yesterday while the sun was starting to set, two vehicles pulled up behind a Tim Hortons coffee shop. They all got out of the car and a young woman ran to the bathroom and ran back out just in time to pray and bow to the east. They were all just looking for a place away from judgment, a place safe to give of their precious hearts, praise to Allah, the love of their hearts. I wanted to run to them and tell them how they touched my heart and faith, but they left before I could get to them, so I said, please be with them Heavenly Father, please protect them, my Islamic brothers and sisters. It was a beautiful site which made me weep for Almighty Allah, God, Heavenly Father, Hosanna, all the names given to the one whom we belong. Please Unite us all in Your Love.


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