The Words of the Bickford Family

The Gift

Robert Kenneth Bickford Jr.
January 23, 2012

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han and Kim Il Sung February 6, 1991

For 37 years I've been humming a Korean folk song and never knew the name or the meaning of that song. In times of loneliness, and extreme solitude, Heavenly Father always gives me this song to comfort me and those around me. My dearest cousin committed suicide while I was in Marshfield, Mass on MFT. I was so hurt by this, I left MFT. Lady Dr. Kim came to my mother's home to make sure I was okay, we kissed and hugged one another. She told me when I say the word Heavenly Father or think of Heavenly Father and cry, then I am tied to Heavenly Father's Heart and would be guided home to His Heart.

I never saw her again, but I can still today hear her sweet voice and smell her lovely kimchi breath, giving love where ever she went, I miss her terribly. I married out of the church and had three children. When the children would cry, I would rock them and sing this tune to them and it would calm them and they would go to sleep. When my wife asked me about the song, I explained it being given to me by Heavenly Father and told her about the Unification Church. She was catholic and shortly afterwards divorced me.

For God's Day celebration, I was invited to Boston where I met Reverend Jung. I hummed this tune and Rev. Jung finished humming it and told me it was, "Spring of Hometown". This touched me so very deeply because it was a secret to me for 37 years and now on God's Day 2012, God told me the name of this song which made me cry, because all this time we've been in the desert. Now is the time to come Home. Not in the fall when everything is dying, not in the winter, when everything is shut in and closed internally, and not in summer, when harvest time is upon us and much work needs to be done to survive the coming of winter, but spring of hometown. Time to go Home, where the love of our heart is, the love of our True Parents. Everything is blossoming and the smell of sweet, sweet, scents are in the air. Birds are building nests and new life is upon us. Those whom have sacrificed the most, in the early days, supporting Father with their very lives, will be there to welcome us Home. Oh my Heart, can you feel it? Please tell me you can feel it. Please tell me you want to be there. Please come Home. Please come Home.

What a precious gift my God, my personal God, touched my heart too sweetly. Foundation of substance and foundation of faith, proved to our Father we love Him, and are there through thick and thin, not just a fair weather friend. Our lives are touched by God, even when we want to go our own way, our Father, our Heavenly True Parents, gently nudge us to experience the things we need, to shape our personality, mold our hearts and transform us into the heavenly representatives of our True Parents on this earth. Have you ever been loved so deeply? Has anyone in your life ever waited 37 years to present a gift so precious, holding it in His Heart for 37 years to give it to you? He gave it to Reverend Jung, to give to me. It may not have meant anything (externally), to anyone else, but can you imagine, how many thousands of times in 37 years do you think I hummed this song and cried humming this song that God gave to me? How many times did I cry missing the children I bore, only to be stolen away from my heart, ripped out by the roots, by Satan. I told my wife that Heavenly Father was more important than my family and she threw me away, can you imagine?

I remember like it was yesterday on MFT. I remember telling Heaven Father, Father? I want to know your heart. Please Father, please put me through hell. Father I want to go through hell to experience your heart Father. Remember the saying, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it? Well I got it alright. I got both barrels. then I forgot what I asked for. A son of filial piety, or a daughter of filial piety, is a son and daughter that remembers deep in their hearts their conversations with God. God is a part of us now, not apart from us ever again. Even though I was not physically in the Unification Church, there is no leaving the Heavenly Army of God. You are the fruition of thousands of ten thousand generations, prepared by God, For God. There is no escaping the Heavenly Army of God. Those whom left the church, thought they could run away from God, but without knowing, God drafted you into an elite division of the Heavenly Army, a secret mission that would lead you back home to His Heart. Every day and everything and everyone, you came in contact with, went through, and experienced, was a secret task The Almighty Heavenly Parent gave personally to you which you were best suited for.

How can you not know how much you are personally loved by God, one on one? Heavenly Father, Heavenly Grandfather, gave me, Robert Kenny Bickford Jr. a most precious gift He waited and held on tightly in His heart of hearts for 37 years to give to me. He knew my love for Him would only grow stronger and mature as time went by. Now waiting for the right moment, God used Greg Odline and Reverend Jung, to give me His precious gift. Thank You Father, thank you Abojee, thank you for your precious gift. My heart will always for the rest of eternity, belong to you Abojee, Thank you for our True Parents Abojee, and HAPPY GOD'S DAY Abojee. Aju. 

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