The Words of the Bickford Family

Holiday conversation with God

R. Kenny Bickford
December 28, 2011

Father? I need your help understanding our relationship with you. True Parents paved the way and did all the hard work, clearly leaving a path for us to follow to find our way home. As you said in the Bible, I have promised and will bring it to pass, Jesus told us he would return and no longer speak to us in parables and symbols, but tell us plainly of the Father, which our True Parents have done.

They have released you from thousands of ten thousand generations of being in in solitary confinement, locked away hidden from your children's hearts. The selfish blood lineage flowing through our veins, of our False father, Satan. Oh most Honored One, most exalted, most precious and dearest Lord, if our True Parents have changed our blood lineage and we are born anew, into the pure lineage of Heaven as meant to be from the beginning, and our True Parents are the substantiation manifested physically and spiritually of you oh honored one, then we were taught to address them as our Parents, True Father and Truest Mother, male and female in your image.

Then to differentiate between the God of night all alone without an object, the God of day, with the excitement of anticipation of seeing your love returned back to you, only to see it ripped away from your heart, and waited 6000 years for the Truth to set us free, may we address you as Grandfather, our precious beating heart? Is it alright to separate your heart from our True Parents heart, Grandfather? Though all our hearts are beginning to beat as one Grandfather, is it okay?

I feel closer to you Grandfather feeling there is a four-position-foundation between you, our True parents and I (we or us). As I am physically getting older, when Grandchildren call me Grandfather, is it too confusing? Please help me to love and pay the highest reverence to Heaven Grandfather, through our True Parents' accomplishments that we now must follow. We know and feel that you miss us and long to live within all of mankind's hearts. We apologize Grandfather, for the many things we allow to get in the way of us feeling your love all the time Honored One.

During this holiday season 2011, we recognize and acknowledge your investment for the adoption of True Sons and Daughters you would have us become Grandfather. None of which would be possible without You sending our True Parents, the third Adam, the Lord of the Second Advent to us Grandfather. The True Parents have given everything to us Grandfather with the hope of us becoming Your champions Grandfather.

As you have touched each one of our lives Grandfather, we can only hope and pray, that our service to you Grandfather, and to Heaven, through our True Parents' love, have touched Your heart Grandfather. On our path we know you have cried when we cried, laughed when we laughed, and even made love with us Grandfather when we preformed the Holy Wine Ceremony.

Our hearts are full with the abundance of Your precious love Grandfather. We feel your presence within us Grandfather, when we feel our hearts beating for you Grandfather. When we wake from our rest, we ache for the time we've been away from you Grandfather. When we miss you Grandfather, we can't help but call out your name. Oh Honored One! Oh Grandfather! Oh Heavenly Father! Whenever we see a portrait of our True Parents, it is a reminder of how long you waited and searched for us Grandfather.

How can we ever repay the silence you've endured? How can we ever love you enough oh precious honored and Holy One? Your Love is so deep, Oh Grandfather, I want to give my life to you every second. I want to die a thousand deaths for you my Grandfather! We never ever want to be away from you ever again Grandfather. Through our True Parents we know how much you cherish each and every one of us Grandfather.

When we are cold and hungry Grandfather, we know there are brothers and sisters in the world that need our help Grandfather. Please Grandfather, on this day, at this hour, this very minute at this very special second, Please lift up our minds to think in unified oneness Grandfather. With all of our hearts beating as One Grandfather, we would like to re-dedicate ourselves so you can pour forth your spirit of love Grandfather, to reach out to those still wondering aimlessly in the darkness, not knowing the tender embrace of your presence within them.

Oh Honored One, Once our True Parents had us taste the sweetness of the nectar of your True Love, we now desire to breathe you in Grandfather. Your love has transformed us and continues to transform us Grandfather.

As Foundation Day nears, we are excited for you Grandfather, and for the souls returning to your heart Grandfather. It is our deepest desire to be united in heart with you, our True Parents, and True Family, in ushering in the new God centered Era. Please use our hearts, minds, and bodies on this path of Living For The Sake of Others.

With 388 days left til Dedication Day, Cheon Il Guk, The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, we also want to proclaim:

We belong to You Grandfather and You belong to Us.

We belong to You True Parents and You belong to Us.

We belong to Heaven we are One in Our Names, Your Children whom Love and Honor You

And Worship You and Praise You Grandfather-Aju 

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