The Words of the Bickford Family

Yearning for God as God yearns for us

R. Kenny Bickford
December 11, 2011

The current goal is the unification of North and South Korea. God is hoping for a base in your families, the nation, and the world from which He can enter into His Sabbath by unifying North and South Korea. This is the only way to attend God. The unification of North and South Korea, the integration of Eastern and Western cultures, and liberation of heaven and hell will come about when we create an environment centering on love greater than that for our father and mother, husband or wife, and children, and are willing to build a sacrificial altar centering on that love. It can never be solved without love. Love is the key. (170-103, 1987.11.8)

World unification will automatically be fulfilled after the unification of North and South Korea is accomplished. Do you think military strength or force of arms will bring about unification? Of course, it won't. If military strength were all that was needed, I would be the one who could accomplish anything. However, because unification will certainly not be achieved with military power, I am spreading my teachings. (142-318, 1986.3.14)

Yearning for God as God yearns for us.

Why do people think that Korea and the suffering of the Korean people is more important than the suffering of the African people, or the Tibetan people or the Afghanistan people or any other people? Is it just because they are Korean, so Koreans are more important than anyone else?

No ….because the providence of Almighty God's heart lies in the hearts of those whom are suffering most as He has suffered. The nation, it's people and their history, like God's history of suffering, are tied together in one heart of tears. Not that any other people or nation is any less loved by God, but the internal quality of the people and the level of heart, is representing God's heart the closest.

The North Korean brothers and sisters are waiting for the world to save them. They're on the inside looking out, and we're on the outside looking in. I feel responsibility to help in whatever way I can. 37 years ago I stood behind Father on the New Hope at the most beautiful sunset and the ocean like glass. I cried so hard wanting to hug Father around the neck so much I ached inside. A voice of intuition kept saying over and over again, You don't know the preciousness of this moment, You don't know the preciousness of this moment.

All I ever wanted to do, was to make Father and Mother proud of me. I am almost 60 now and I have nothing to bring to Heavenly Father and I am so ashamed. I wasn't able to hold on to my blessing which I had waited 21 years for Father to match me. I have no spiritual children, I would get so excited when I brought people to hear Divine Principle, only to have them hate me for not telling them I was a Moonie. I see Korea and I love the Fatherland so much and I worry I'll never be able to go before I go to spirit world. Millions of God's children are dying of hunger on the planet, but the concentration camps are to much to bare. Torture and suffering only they and our Parents know. I would trade my life and go to North Korea and work in the camps if I could trade places with 12 children or even one, but I'd barter for as many as I could.-please forgive me for my sorrow, but how can I be happy knowing they are hurting and waiting for us to rescue them and we're doing nothing?

We know everything has a time table it must go through, but I sure do wish I could be there to love them and wash their feet, feed them, care for them as my family members, when the 38th parallel is finally gone forever. I want to go to God's Hometown and live the remainder of my life, living for others. If I could serve others there, that is where I want to be. I can farm I can love My Parents anywhere in the world, because it belongs to me and my Parents! 

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