The Words of the Bickford Family

Fishing 3 days with Father Moon

R. Kenny Bickford
November 22, 2011

Hi my name is Robert Kenny Bickford I joined the church in 1974 may 5th at my 1st Regional workshop I was asked to go pick up Father at Logan airport with another brother in a Volkswagen Beetle. Bob and I thought it was kind of weird going to pick up the Messiah of all mankind in a beetle. When we arrived from Gloucester, Dikon was already there with Fathers Limo. We didn't know what to do plus we were scared. Here comes Father, Lady Dr. Kim, and In Jin Nim (6-11 years old). Father told us to lead him. (The 2 Bobs leading the Messiah of all Mankind in a Blue Beetle).

Headed to Gloucester, Father doesn't think were going fast enough so he has Dikon pull up beside us and Father motions to go faster. We're doing 70 mph and it won't go any faster! Well Father had us eat with him and In Jin and Lady Dr. Kim, asked us both a lot of questions then asked if we'd go fishing with him, which didn't take but a micro second to decide!

We stayed on boat with Father 3 days and only slept a couple of hours just before pledge on Sunday morning, which Father gave kneeling to the position of True Parents, just the way we always do. I have replayed that 3 days with Father, Bob, and I, for the past 37 years, and I am still learning from those precious moments alone with father 

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