The Words of the Bickford Family

Jeong Seong

R. Kenny Bickford
November 13, 2011

I was there, Inside Mothers heart, within the heart of God, when Heaven opened up and poured down a blessing of Love that showered over the entire planet earth. I was there to feel the depth of Gods suffering and anguish and torment. It was a purification process we will never fully understand. That oneness of Mothers Jeong Seong, transported us to a higher plain so pure, we were humbled to breath the same air Father and Mother and True Children are breathing.

True Children are still so far advanced in human form, it will take 12 generations for us to scratch the surface of what they are doing right now. It's almost as if we are stunted in our growth to have freedom to do anything. It is their love for us and for God in us that keeps them from being angry at us. Please Almighty Father forgive us our short comings. Thank you for your patience. Please keep us on the path, though it be narrow and steep. Even though cruel thorns leave a trail of blood, thank you for teaching us the way, carved in our hearts it forever remains.

Fathers Jeong Seong is the only depth of True heart I truly thirst after. I cannot get enough of. Hearing or reading about the secrets of Heaven, touches my soul and places me inside of the inner most holy of holies. When my heart is plugged into the 360 voltage of Gods most inner self, I rejoice in love I have never known. I am One in the spirit, I am One in the Lord. At that moment all Unity is restored, and I am in Him and He is in Me.

Even though the impure and tainted blood of our false father, runs through my veins, There is hope in yearning after the Master of True Love, True Life, and True Lineage. As my yearning and desire are put into practice, there is a metamorphosis from selfishness to selflessness. When Father or Mother cry, their tears are Heavens tears that unite our very being into oneness. Truly I say to you, The Messiah is on earth, has taken a bride, and become the substantiation of Almighty God on earth, that has waited in torment for 6000 years of biblical history. Praise be to God, and peace to his people on earth. Aju 

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