The Words of the Bickford Family

A Letter Written to Dr. David Kim

R. Kenny Bickford
November 8, 2011

Below, I am sharing a letter I (Kenny Bickford-1970's MFTer/fundraiser / USA early Unificationist) to Dr. David Kim (Early pioneer Unificationist in USA)

Hope you are feeling better. I always loved the way you carried our Father's HEART. Thank you for your example as an elder brother, how to love and attend our Heavenly Father and True Parents. We love you and miss you terribly. Ever since father taught us all to love each other, every second we are away from one another feels like an eternity. How can I love you, if I don't know you? You belong to MY God, MY Heavenly Father, that is how I can love you!

You are a part of God, not apart from God. I will never be able to run fast enough toward you. God's heart is like that, running as fast as He can toward us, to hug us, to embrace us, His sons and daughters! I want to apologize to every brother and sister on the planet for not working hard enough, fast enough, or long enough, to save you all and bring you home to safety in the bosom of His heart.

I had a dream once of Fathers heart in a big room with one very big ladder. His heart was maybe 50 feet high and 30 feet across. I was standing there admiring just how big it was, when all of a sudden the huge heart sprung a leak, and the blood was gushing out of it. Without a thought, I grabbed the ladder and a huge band aid, climbed the ladder and put the bandage over the spot that was leaking. Before I could take a single breath, another leak appeared.

I was running up and down the ladder fixing leaks, but the leaks were starting to get ahead of me and I couldn't keep up. Father would die if I slowed down. I woke up covered in sweat, crying, feeling I failed Father, and because of me Father's heart stopped beating.

I couldn't mend Fathers broken heart, but then I realized, True Parents could. True Parents could see the leaks before they happened and were always there, Father on one side and Mother on the other. No one person could ever do what our parents have done.

I was asked to go fishing by Father and I spent 3 days, a whole weekend with Father. One night the sun was setting and I was standing behind Father, He probably could feel me breathing on His neck I was so close. It was such a beautiful evening. At that moment I knew He was my Father and I knew He was the Messiah of all mankind.

I started crying and couldn't stop. I was so embarrassed Father would hear me, so I suppressed it as much as I could. Father has heard members thoughts, how was I going to keep this away from Him?

God bless you Dr. David Kim,

With all of their love ITPN 

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