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Parallels among Jewish feast of Purim and the Testimony of True Parents

Richard Gamboa Ben-Eleazar
March 18, 2011

Purim Song

This holiday weekend Jews worldwide will enjoy one of our most joyous celebrations. It is called in Hebrew PURIM which means "luck", something like "the die was cast!".

To not go into how was the party I invite you to read any Bible Book of Esther to place to you in context.

The typical thinking is done in any synagogue is how many empires have tried to destroy us and how God has led to events that saved us on several occasions. We also see how many times what our enemies sought to be turned against them. So we sing: "Ve'nahafoch hu, asher yishletu haYehudim hemah besonayhem." (And the tables were turned, so that the Jews prevailed over their enemies).

I see that True Father was exactly the same. On many occasions, his enemies sought to destroy, but especially during the 6 worst attacks thrown into prison. They believed they would end up locked up in jail with this guy who had dared to say he was the Messiah who was to return and said "that h*** and nobody out! we won!".

But it happened like the song, "Ve'nahafoch hu" (the tables were turned). What was supposed to be the destruction of Sun Myung Moon, the engine proved its unquestionable victory momentum, and like the Jews, True Father dominated their enemies.

There is another song that expresses this victory, "Utzu aytzah ve'sufar, dabru davar, ve'lo yakum, ki imanu Kel" (They [our enemies] have devised plans but have been frustrated, they have made??statements [against us], but they will not be fulfilled, because God is with us!)... this is fulfilled to the letter on the testimony of the True Father. God has demonstrated in many ways that He sent to the True Parents and that They have all His support and blessing.

So rejoice in this event, which undoubtedly binds Israel and True Parents in a mutual feeling of joy and victory, as another song says: "lachem hayesa orah, v'simcha, v'sasson vi'ykar; ken tiye lanu" (They enjoyed light and gladness, joy and honor... that is also our fate).

Chag Purim Sameach! Happy Purim!!

Rabbi Richard 

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