The Words of the Ben-Eleazar Family

"All depends from the woman"

Richard Gamboa Ben-Eleazar
March 12, 2010
Embassy of Peace, Bogota

Speech by Rabbi Richard Gamboa to guests during the commemoration of the International Women's Day in under the 54th session of the Commission On The Status Of Women held in the United Nations Headquarters

Good evening and thank everyone in advance for your presence at this event.

Rabbinic tradition speaks of Rabbi Yosef the Galilean about a man pious who was married to a godly woman, and the couple was unable to take children. They concluded that there were of no use to the Heavenly Father and divorced. Later this godly man married a wicked woman and this woman came to our pious man in a bad man. But the pious woman married with a bad man who became a living saint. This shows that all depends from the woman (Bereshit Rabbah 17:7).

I wanted to start by invoking the wisdom of my ancestors to invite them everyone to realize that a society can only be dignifying of women if women recognize the action of the God of life in their own existences.

It is proven! When a woman truly loves God, she fulls of love, light, of joy and hope all around. Her family becomes a family true, leads humanity to their places of study and work, their feelings are true love. A woman who lives for the sake of others perfectly changes, even the course of history itself.

We all know how the consumer society has reduced women to a single object on all levels... those who know me know that sometimes I tend to be so hard with my words, but we must accept that all this happened because many women do not truly love God have allowed it, believing that kneeling at the games of consumer culture recover the dignity that they took away the traditional patriarchal paradigm.

I had the opportunity to continue this week gave several speeches about the role of women in the current global, continental, national and local live, and in honor of the truth perceived feelings of bitterness and hatred. No doubt that it is important to give back to the ladies who deserve the honor, but not healthy speak of a liberation or emancipation of gender invoking aggression or fight armed or the death of innocents as an instrument. So we have a culture of violence, hatred and resentment, because like everything depends from the woman...

That is why we are gathered tonight to propose to all women a positive alternative, a much better idea. This proposal is framed in the foundation of true families. When a woman sets up a marriage consecrated by the love of God, that marriage will automatically generate a true family, and thus forge a society, a nation and a world filled with the love of God.

It is clear that peace between religions is a prerequisite for world peace, women can and should play a central role in promoting understanding and cooperation among religions. So I propose to women to become Brides of Peace. For example, you could organize, among other inter-religious activities led by the ladies, a ceremony in which women representing every creed, in the name of religion, offering forgiveness and reconciliation to other women from different denominations and other them cultivate a friendship full of true love.

We men can talk nice, but the advantage of women is that they express their feelings much easier, and so we move on religious leaders to work without hypocritical diplomacy, in a context of genuine mutual friendship and trying out for the welfare of others.

Remember, girls: it all depends from the woman. You have the power to make a difference, women need to be positioned above any barrier of race, nationality, religion and men move us to truly love God and live for the sake of others. We need women to help us to embody the God's fatherly heart, and if you help us and put the shirt for this reason, believe that world peace is not an utopia but a possibility for everyone.

Remember: all depends from the woman.

Thank you very much, Shabbath Shalom! 

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