The Words of the Barnett Family

Craig Barnett Passes into Spirit world

Robert and Sally Sayre
January 12, 2012

Craig Barnett passed away on Jan. 12, 2012 as a result of a diving accident near his home in Clermont, Florida. Craig was blessed in 1982.

Craig is well known worldwide his assistance to many members with immigration issues and he and his wife served as missionaries to Liberia.

He is survived by his wife Sharon, three children; Olisa, Christopher and Amanda and one granddaughter, Caitlin.

A local service and Seunghwa is scheduled for Feb. 20. We will update this as more information is received. If you would like to send your condolences to Sharon, send them to the address below.

Sharon Barnett
13900 County Road 455
Suite 107 Box #146
Clermont, FL 34711 

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