The Words of the Apps Family

Excerpts from an interview with 120-day workshop participant

Randall Apps
September 2010
Special Education Session for World Leaders in Korea

Randall and Lay Tin Apps

Question: What impressed you the most?

Among the participants were members of such stature that I wanted to ask for their autographs. Some were getting up before the 2:50 wake up time, at 2:30, 2:00, or 1:30 even, and going up to the room to do extra bows and so forth. To form a habit, you should do the same thing for ninety days. This four months was Father's intense training for us to adopt the habits we all should have.

Question: Among the many presentations, was there one that stays in your memory?

Yeon-ah nim came and spoke. She spoke so humbly but with royal dignity. Korean church leaders would feel affinity with Yeon-ah nim, as she comes from that background and her family walked in their shoes. She later spoke with the Western workshop participants -- originally that was to be for just twenty minutes, but she gave two hours in the end!

Hyung-jin nim and she stayed with the leaders until everyone had spoken all they wanted. They did not make excuses to leave. I was deeply impressed.

Question: Did the workshop participants ask Hyung-jin nim and Yeon-ah nim anything in particular?

One brother asked how they came up with the idea of making the Unification symbol with the hands. Yeon-ah nim expressed a lot about the background to that. They wanted to have a way for Unificationists to express they are proud Unificationists if they want to. If you sit at a table, and you see someone cross himself, you can say, Well he's a Catholic. If you see someone doing "Give-and-receive action, four position foundation, Inherit the true love of God," you can say, That's a Unificationist! It's a way members can express pride in their tradition without being in people's faces. It's just a habit I have gotten into now. We asked, Is it mandatory? Yeon-ah nim said there is no obligation; it's up to you. It's up to each person in their personal pilgrimage, the development of their faith. 

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