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No Matter Your Marriage Status Join the Foundation Day Blessing Ceremony

Vi Apigo
January 19, 2013

I just finished my 3-day Divine Principle seminar as one of the requirements for joining the Foundation Day Blessing, Even if it is given in Korean I got so many deep insights that I want to share to you all.

1. Foundation Day is of utmost importance. There will be no other similar day in the future. The Foundation Day is only once in history.

So my suggestion is to please continue to have HOPE that your whole family can join next month, you and your spouse as the participants. We have only 40 days left until that day (January 13 for Cheongi calendar and February 22 for solar calendar).

2. Foundation Day happens when the perpendicular line is formed. This means horizontal line formed by the perfect unity and true love of subject and object and vertical line representing the heavenly love of God intersects and forms the perpendicular line.

This also means that this is the time when the sexual love between husband and wife is intermingled with the heavenly love of God. This is the Foundation Day.

So my suggestion is to start making this foundation by offering your very holy sexual relationship to God. Invite God to come in the midst of this relationship. You know God exist and True Father's will is Absolute Sex. (Pres. Hyung Jin Nim met Father in his dream and Father instructed him about only one thing, Father told him, 'ABSOLUTE SEX.') Both God and True Parents together with your absolute good ancestors will surely surely surely guide you on how to do ABSOLUTE SEX with your blessed spouse. Pray sincerely to let God be involved in your most holy act.

You don't have to necessarily explain this to your spouse. If your spouse is not very open minded about these matters, offer it yourself. But if both of you can offer your most intimate and holy relationship, it would be better.

Man and woman's body parts were created almost all the same shape except one, the SEXUAL ORGANS. This is the only part where man and woman can totally unite and form the perfect horizontal line and only in this relationship that God's love can find its way to be substantially manifested in both partners and then towards the physical world and also in the spirit world. ABSOLUTE SEX is the starting point of God's Kingdom on earth.

3. If your spouse is not very cooperative in fulfilling the requirements for the Foundation Day Blessing, offer sincere devotion specifically for your spouse. And at the same time ask God on how you can forgive and forget all the heart aches you have experience from your spouse. Your sincere devotion can help you change your feelings and thinking towards your spouse into better one, more loving and more understanding heart and mind.

Your spouse needs to join the 3-day Divine Principle Seminar or its equivalent as his or her requirement to participate in the Foundation Day Blessing.

In Korea, the church made an online Divine Principle seminar for those who cannot really find matching right church schedule for them. They need to register before they are given the link.

So my suggestion is to concentrate your devotion on this aspect, for him or her to join the Divine Principle Seminar.

4. Keep your HOPE and DETERMINATION to join the Foundation Day Blessing Ceremony. I heard from older members that it is VERY SCARY not to be able to join this Blessing next month. Also recently I am personally being pushed to read the Book of Revelation as my Hoon Dok Hae. I don't really know why I should read since I am reading Cheon Seong Gyeong. But when I adhere to this spiritual pushing, I can recognize some things written there that is happening right now. This could be a kind of warning from the spirit world. So I posted a part of what I read recently.

So my suggestion is keep your HOPE and FAITH in the Foundation Day Blessing Ceremony.

5. There is an Eunsa Blessing (Forgiveness Blessing) before the Foundation Day Blessing. The Eunsa Blessing will be conducted in the churches and by Pastors officially registered with the Headquarters two weeks before the Foundation Day.

Eunsa Blessing is to forgive us all our sins. Violations regarding lineage, public fund, and hurting other's heart are main and gravest sins. If we have not involved ourselves in these main sins, it does not mean we are sinless. We all somehow committed other kinds of sins. Eunsa Blessing is our chance to be forgiven of all our sins, both big and small. This blessing is given to us before attending the Foundation Day. This means cleansing ourselves, washing our robes.

There is a form provided by the Pastors. Please avail yourselves of this form from your respective church and Pastors. Bring it home. Provide one for your spouse too. This form is not necessarily be read by anyone else. This is between you, Heavenly Parents and True Parents only. These papers will finally be consecrated at Chung Pyung.

After writing all the sins we have done on that paper, we will submit it to our Pastor. Then we will sign a New Beginning Form before we can join the Eunsa Blessing. IEunsa Blessing will be conducted as many times as possible in your church.

6. For those who are divorced or separated and single there is a way for you to attend the Foundation Day Blessing. This is case to case. Please get some advice from your Pastors. If you do not have any Pastor or has not been connecting to the church, I can recommend somebody to you who can guide you on the details of what you should do. I, myself, belong to this category and I am now preparing to participate in the Foundation Day Blessing next month.

7. For those who got married with another spouse outside of the Holy Blessing, you also have a way to participate in the Foundation Day Blessing. It is possible that you and your present spouse can join as Previously Married Couple (PMC). This is case to case. You need to talk to your Pastor. If you do not have a Pastor to guide you or has been disconnected to the church I can recommend somebody who can give you the details.

8. We all have the Portion of Responsibility in order to realize God's Will in ourselves, family and tribe.

Heavily Parents' responsibility and True Parents' responsibility is to pave the way for us to cleanse our sins through Eunsa Blessing and to participate in the Foundation Day.

Our responsibility is to respond to THEIR CALL.

Thank you for reading my sharing. It is also my responsibility to share to you what I learned.

May Heavenly Parents and True Parents bless you and your family more and more.


Vi Apigo 

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