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My testimony: Second Coming has come

Luzviminda Apigo
March 26, 2012

"I prayed to Jesus every day, to inform me when he comes back. I told him that if he comes back I will be with him... He told me that all mankind can live as brothers and sisters, and science and religion will unite. We are now living in the Last Days and the Messiah is already on the earth."

Searching in Different Religious Groups

Years before meeting the Unification Church, I had been going to different religious groups to find out what they are teaching. I had been always looking for something better, since I entered the Middle and High School.

I joined my Baptist friend to their Sunday Service, i went to the church of my Jehovah witness friend, and I also listened to the Mormons, and at the same time I am a member of Mother Mary Immaculate girls which is Catholic group.

My Questions to Jesus

When I went to study at the University, I pass by the Cathedral first before going to my class to pray and then before going home I pass by the Cathedral to say a little prayer again.

My prayer at that time was short consisting of two question and a request. I was asking Jesus Christ why did God allow him to die like that, hanging on the cross, which I think is so painful and sorrowful. The other question is why did he not use his power to avoid being crucified, why did he allow himself to be crucified, when he is a son of God.

My request for Jesus was to inform me when he comes back. I told him that if he comes back I will be with him, and not allow such thing to happen. This was the main content of my prayer every time I visited the Cathedral.

How I met Unification Church

Every Wednesday after my class at University, I usually go to the Cathedral which was just beside our school, to pray. However, on that day, we did not have a teacher, so I went to the nearest park. I sat there with my friend who was also a devoted Catholic waiting for the time for novena.

We were talking, looking at the Burnham lake, when a young man around late 20-s came to us and asking us if we would like to buy his peanut candies and support his missionary works. I quickly asked, "What do you do as missionaries?" He showed me a leaflet and told me that they are showing how all mankind can live a brothers and sisters, and how science and religion can unite together.

The unity of science and religion was one of my greatest concerns at the time. There were lots of discussions regarding this matter in our country. People were wondering why scientist can't believe that God exist.

So when this young man told me about their teaching concerning the unity of all mankind as brothers and sisters under God, and the unity of science and religion, I got his leaflet, but told him that I can't buy what he is selling since i am just a poor student. I didn't forget what he said.

The flood moved me near to the Unification Church Then there was a big flood that hit my boarding house. I had to change place. Fortunately, I went to a new place. Coincidence or not, it was just near the Unification Church. I searched for that address of the Unification Church and found it nearby.

When I went inside the house, I saw that it was very small and had one small meeting room. A small green board was hanging on the wall. Next to that room was a very small bedroom and beside the small kitchen was a toilet which door was almost falling down.

I didn't mind those things, but just asked the lecturer to tell me what is it that they are teaching. I listened and listened.

God's New Revelations

I did not understand much, but one thing I could realize was that Jesus has suffered and was not supposed to die on the cross. I learned also that we are now living in the Last Days.

As I finished the lectures I realized that the Messiah is already on the earth.

I was shocked. I couldn't talk. I just stared on the board, sat down quietly at the corner and didn't talk for a quiet an hour. I really don't know how long but in my mind I was thinking, "The Messiah has come. Jesus came. He answered my prayers. He answered my questions."

My Heart knew this is the Truth

So when the Divine Principle revealed clearly that the Messiah should have been born by that time. I couldn't say anything. The lecturer showed the history clearly and although I did not understand everything intellectually, I am sure that what the lecturer told me is the TRUTH. I felt it with my heart. I did not have any doubt that what I heard is the truth.

Remembering my prayer at the Cathedral, I asked my parents' permission that I will become a missionary for the Unification Church (The Unification Movement). At first they did not allow me but because I was insistent they couldn't stop me and finally agreed.

Since then I devoted my time to spread the news about the Messiah. I enjoyed it even if it was full of difficulties, trials and stumbling blocks. I thought as long as I am trying to follow the Messiah, things are OK. And truly that was incredible training for my character that I can now fully appreciate. Now I know what it is to overcome our selfishness and start growing our hearts. I'm anxious to see the day when we establish the Culture of Heart substantially in this world. 

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