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The Parallels - Hello from Korea

Vi Apigo
June 10, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Good day!

I am really sorry for what is happening to our family this time. But please keep holding on. We have a center to whom we can cling forever, that is God and True Parents and the True Children who adhere to the Will of God.

May I share something about parallel of history. Sorry this sounds to be a Divine Principle sharing but I just can't stop myself sharing it. What I understand about the parallels of history is that God is using the same principles to accomplish His Will. As we have seen there are 3 histories that parallels each other. As far as I understand, we Unification Church members are also following that same history but on a larger scale and deeper and wider scale.

When Christianity rejected True Father, we have to undergo a 40 year wilderness course. Many of us had at least experienced this life in the wilderness. Our life is like the Israelites wandering in the desert with Father as our leader. When that course ended up, we also have to enter the land of Canaan which is a land flowing with honey, or we were mingled up with rich countries or with the community. In this stage, the commandment of God to the Israelites before is that they should not be influenced by the tradition and culture of the Canaanites. The seven tribes of Canaan were all idol worshipers and don't believe in God, and practiced immorality and they enjoy material things, they are very rich compared to the Israelites. I think this is also our course now.

The traditions that we have learned when we are in the wilderness are very good as you all know. We enjoy our comradeship and we feel our family so close together. We experienced the love for each other and we were educated deeply because many of us became full time and we lived in the center we were trained to make those traditions a part of our life. You know this without even telling it. However when we entered the land of Canaan, when we went into the society we have to deal with many things like the Israelites experienced before. They have to choose whether they follow God's tradition or live like the Canaanites who lived luxuriously without God. This is also our course as the parallel in the history of the Israelites or Christians.

When Israelites first entered the land of Canaan, they were overwhelmed by the wealth and beauty of the land, and some of them became thieves. Because of this, they could not win over the battles that they first launched. When Joshua found this out, the thieves were punished and they repented. After they repented through Joshua and Caleb's leadership, they could conquer a total of 31 kingdoms with overwhelming victory.

I think if we also do devotions and go back to the tradition when we were in the wilderness course, meaning when we are in the centers, I think it will help a lot in making more victories for God and True Parents.

Parallels of history does not only occur in the central history, but also in all other aspects. When I mean is that all the circumstances and all the figures, leaders or members will all occur to create a foundation for a wider and deeper Foundation for God's Will to be fulfilled on earth.

I feel that many things are condensed now in our time now at the same time. The case of Hyun Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim and other important figures all fall into the parallels of history.

I suppose both of them making Foundation of Substance to create the broad foundation for God's Will to be fulfilled. They are in the position of Cain and Abel, or just the parallel history of the history of Esau and Jacob. Let's us try to reminiscence the feelings of Isaac family at that time. For the sake of restoration all of them have to endure a certain kind of difficulties. The father, the mother the elder brother and the younger brother had to endure sufferings in their heart because that is what is needed to be done.

Do you think the mother wanted to hurt her first son intentionally? Those who are mothers, let us try to meditate about this. Would you like to intentionally hurt your first son to favor a younger son? Parents heart would never do that as far as I understand. But the mother has to do it because it is the right way for restoration.

How about the father? Would the father wanted to hurt his first son intentionally? How about the fathers in this community, do you think you want to hurt your first son intentionally in favor of other children without any deep reason? I think I know your answer, it similar with mine. Parents would never want to hurt their children.

How about the younger brother. Did Jacob want to make an enemy out of Esau? Can a younger brother boldly challenge his elder brother and make him his enemy? That is mostly unlikely. In the Bible, Jacob's nature is very homely and not aggressive. The younger brother wouldn't want to hurt his own older brother and make an enemy out of him.

So when the calling that Jacob should receive the blessing from the father, all of them has to endure heartfelt suffering. All of them suffered for quite sometime.

This is exactly what is happening now, don't you think so? An exact parallel of the history of the family of Isaac is happening now in a wider scale.

At the time of Isaac they did not have a clear idea about God's Principle as we are today. We have a clear knowledge of the Principles of Restoration so that somehow we can understand what is happening. In that aspect we are lucky. We have the Principle as our basis for discerning what should we do.

Another parallel that I can see is that when Esau was enraged because Jacob got the blessing, Esau became furious and as the Bible said, he trained himself and all his followers to shot an arrow straight to the center so that when he met Jacob they can shot arrows to him without a miss. This means Esau was so adamant about what happened. He trained hundred to wage war against Jacob.

Don't you think this is similar to what is happening now?

Our International President Hyung Jin Nim is continuously offering sincere devotions to make more foundation for God's Will to be realized. As of now he is fasting. And members are asked to make 40 bows for 40 days beginning last Monday June 7. You can join also if you feel like doing it. Actually I would like to ask you to join. Our President and his wife are very sincere. When you are near them, you feel their sincere heart. So personally I have a very high hope that God can really find a base through them to make this parallel a victory.

The parallels of history is really enlightening when we look at it deeply and relate it to our history especially as Unification Church members. We are part of this parallel whether we like it or not. Some of us maybe play the part of the apostles and disciples of the Jesus or the 70 elders of Moses or the people who help to crucify Jesus or the people who betrayed Jesus, or people who act like the Samaritan woman or like Mary Magdalene and others. Since we know the Principle we have a better idea on how to fulfill our roles well and contribute to the victory of Heavenly Father and True Parents.

Please brothers and sisters, keep faith. Your sincere devotion will count a lot. God bless you all.



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